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scienc test 19

Ocean, tides, and waves test

name the 4 major oceans Pacific,Indian, and Atlantic
how much of the Earths surface is covered in water 71%
What is a large body of saltwater partailly or nearly completely enclosed by land seas
what is a seamount any submerged mountain like structure on the sea bottom
what is a seamount with a flat top called guyot
what is a deep cnyon on the sea floor that is usually present where 2 plates come together trench
what is coral made of calcium carbonate
what is a corla reef that is located away from land that is seperated by a lagoon barrier reef
what is a ring of low coral islands and reef surrounding a central lagoon that is in most cases built on a dummerged volcanoe. atoll
what is the most abundante salt in the ocean water called sodium choloride
what is the average time between particles entrance into the ocean and its removal by some means residence times
what is the removal of salt and minerals from sea water to produse fresh drinkable water distillation
how does the moon effect the ocean water its gravity attract water on the side of the earth facing the moon causing a bulge
whaen does the spring tide occur and is it a high or a low tide when the sun moon and earth are lined up, higher
what is a lower then usuall tide that occurs when the earth, sun, and moon form a right angle neap tide
what is a water wave in which the top of the wave falls over on the forward side of the wave breaker
what is a wave that appraoches the shore at an angle also produce a current that flows parallel to the shore longshore current
what is a strong surface current that flows back from the shore rip current
what is the best way to swim out of a rip current to swim at a right angle
what is a cave formed by erosion of a cliff face by waves sea cave
what is a type of ocean erosion that look like a natural bridge sea arch
what is a mass of rock that wave erosion has isolated from the shore stack
what is a narrow sand formation deposited by waves and currents that extends out from a headland often across from a bay orinlet spit
what is a spit with a sharp bend hook
what is formed when waves deposit sand across the nountain of a bay or a long coastline but hasn't connected with the mainland barrier lisland
what is a current that flows in a clockwise pattern gyre
which way do the northern and southern hemsiphere currents flow clock wise, and counter clock wise
what is an east flowing current along the equater dividing the northern and southern west flowing currents counter current
what is a fast subsurface current caused by the wieght of a large amounts of suspended sediment turbidity current
what is a current created by the tendency of denser more saline water to sink and displace less dense water density current
what is less saline water which rises upwellings cold water rising
Created by: oliviaobrien