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Canteberry Tales


sells pardons in exchange for sings, sells fake religious relics The Pardoner
Where is the pilgrims destination canteberry
Why do the pilgrims want to go to canteberry to visit thomas a'becket's grave
What do they want from canteberry healing
who brings warm wind zephirous
when do the pilgrims travel spring
how many tales do the pilgrims tell 4
fought in the crusades;stained tunic the knight
the attendent to the knight, knight's son; curly locks;20 years old the squire
eats daintily;glass-gray eyes;doesnt speak french well;head of the convent the prioress
rather hunt than read bible;disregarded rule that hunters shouldnt be holy the monk
entices them with toys and trinkets; hanges out in taverns and drinks the friar
in debt but no one knows the merchant
young student that is very skinny like his horse the Cleric
judge and lawyer for the king the sergeant of law
wealthy land owner;served in parliament;very generous the franklin
represents laboring class the haberdasher+
ulcer on his knee the cook
knew astrology well the doctor
5 husbands woman of bath
shepard to his flock;very true person the parson
farmer and brother to the parson the plowman
gets trunk;tries to bud door off hinges;tells dirty jokes;has a wart on nose th miller
bought food for law schools the manciple
manages large piece of land the reeve
summons people to church court the summoner
owns the tabard harry bailey
Created by: t_hodges14