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Lesson 11 Greek Word

Lesson 11 Greek Words

HOLOCRYPTIC hiding or concealing completely; undecipherable
THAUMATURGY the art of working wonders; magic
ALLONYM a false name; pseudonym
CATASTROPHE disastrous event
DIAPHANOUS transparent
PANTOMIME expressing ideas by action only
HELIOTROPISM tends to move either toward or away from the source of light
CLINOMETER instrument used to measure slope
DEMAGOGUE seeks to influence the people by pandering to their prejudices and passions (watch the political campaigns closely for this)
AMORPHOUS without determinate shape
POLYGAMY marriage with more than one partner
TECHNICAL pertaining to some particular art, science, trade, or occupation
ACROBAT one who practices extraordinary gymnastic feats
ATROPHY to cause to waste away or wither; starve
BALLISTICS of or pertaining to engines used for hurling stones, arrows, spears, or other missiles
Created by: taytayhster