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GCSE Ch. 1-4 Verbs

Greek to GCSE Chs. 1-4 Verb List

ἄγω I lead
ἀκούω I listen
ἀποθνῇσκω I die
ἀποκτείνω I kill
βαίνω I go
βάλλω I throw
γιγνώσκω I get to know
γράφω I write
διδάσκω I teach
διώκω I chase
ἐθέλω I wish
εἰμί I am
ἐσθίω I eat
εὑρίσκω I find
ἔχω I have
θαυμάζω I am amazed
κελέυω I order
λαμβάνω I take
λέγω I say
λείπω I leave
λύω I release
μανθάνω I learn
μένω I stay
παρέχω I produce
πάσχω I suffer
πείθω I persuade
πέμπω I send
πίπτω I fall
πιστεύω I believe
τάσσω I arrange
τρέχω I run
φαίνω I show
φέρω I carry
φεύγω I flee
φυλάσσω I guard
ἦγον I was leading
ἤκουον I was listening
ἀπέθνῃσκον I was dying
ἀπέκτεινον I was killing
ἔβαινον I was going
ἔβαλλον I was throwing
ἐγίγνωσκον I was getting to know
ἔγραφον I was writing
ἐδίδασκον I was teaching
ἐδίωκον I was chasing
ἤθελον I was wishing
ἦ or ἦν I was
ἤσθιον I was eating
ηὕρισκον I was finding
εἶχον I was having
ἐθαύμαζον I was being amazed
ἐκέλευον I was ordering
ἐλάμβανον I was taking
ἔλεγον I was saying
ἔλειπον I was leaving
ἔλυον I was releasing
ἐμάνθανον I was learning
ἔμενον I was staying
ἔπασχον I was suffering
παρεῖχον I was producing
ἔπειθον I was persuading
ἔπεμπον I was sending
ἔπιπτον I was falling
ἐπίστευον I was believing
ἔτασσον I was arranging
ἔτρεχον I was running
ἔφαινον I was showing
ἔφερον I was carrying
ἔφευγον I was fleeing
ἐφύλασσον I was guarding
ἄξω I will lead
γράψω I will write
διδάξω I will teach
διώξω I will chase
ἐθελήσα I will wish
εὑρήσω I will find
ἕξω I will have
θαυμάσω I will be amazed
κελεύσω I will order
λέξω I will say
λείψω I will leave
λύσω I will release
μαθήσω I will learn
παρέξω I will provide
πείσω I will persuade
πέμψω I will send
πιστεύσω I will believe
τάξω I will arrange
οἴσω I will carry
φυλάξω I will guard
ἤγαγον I led
ἤκουσα I listened
ἀπέθανον I died
ἀπέκτεινα I killed
ἔβαλον I threw
ἔγραψα I wrote
ἐδίδαξα I taught
ἐδίωξα I chased
ἠθέλησα I wished
ἔφαγον I ate
ηὗρον I found
ἔσχον I had
ἐθαύμασα I was amazed
ἐκέλευσα I ordered
ἔλαβον I took
ἔλεξα I said
εἶπον I said
ἔλιπον I left
ἔλυσα I released
ἔμαθον I learned
ἔμεινα I stayed
παρέσχον I produced
ἔπαθον I suffered
ἔπεισα I persuaded
ἔπεμψα I sent
ἔπεσον I fell
ἐπίστευσα I believed
ἔταξα I arranged
ἔδραμον I ran
ἔφηνα I showed
ἤνεγκα I carried
ἔφυγον I fled
ἐφύλαξα I guarded
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