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Modern Korean 20

Modern Korean Lesson 20 Vocabulary

분위기 an atmosphere
느끼다 to feel
오래되다 to be old; ancient; antique
그립다 to miss; have yearning for; sweet
찾다 to visit; drop in
틀다 to turn on (a music song)
심지어 even; what is worse; on top of that
시끄럽다 to be noisy
조화를 이루다 to harmonize with
본(을) 뜨다 to follow (an example); model after; copy from a model
독특하다 to be characteristic; unique; special
(냄새를) 맡다 to smell; sniff
게다가 moreover; what is more/worse
발걸음 footstep; pace
멈추다 to stop
다(가) 보면 as...; while...
과거 past
현재 present
대퓨하다 to represent; stand for
거리 a street
들다 to cite; name; mention; state
달리 unlike; different from; contrary to
곳곳 place after place; here and there
화랑 an art gallery
골동품 antiques
가게 a store; shop
미술 art; the fine arts
재료 materials; ingredients
박물관 a museum
an island
부르다 to call
전통 traditional
찻집 a teahouse; teashop
풍경 소리 wind-bell sound
향 냄새 incense flavor
맡다 to smell; sniff
beauty; taste
taste; flavor
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