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Reading Olympic Super Fudge

ch1: What surprise did Peter receive from his parents at the beginning of the story? his parents' were having a baby and his mom was 4 months pregnant
ch1: When was the baby due to be born February
ch1: why was Peter upset about the news? he did not want another Fudge in the family
ch1: what was the name of Peter's dog? Turtle
ch1: which character of Sesame street was Fudge pretending to be? Bert
ch1: what did Peter remind everybody about Fudge's visit to Hamburger heaven how Fudge had smeared mashed potatoes on the wall when they had gone to Hamburger Heaven restaurant. He also dumped a plate of peas on his head
ch1: what did Peter want to do upon being upset about the baby? Peter wanted to leave the house but Fudge hung onto his legs and asked him to take him as well. Peter decided to stay back.
ch2: what did Sheila Tubman tell Peter upon hearing about the baby? She said that Peter's mom was too old to have a baby at the age of 34.
ch2: what made Peter relieved about his mom pregnancy? Peter found out that that his grandmother had Aunt Linda at 38. He felt relieved that his mom wasn’t the oldest lady having a baby
ch2: when was Peter's sister born? February 26th.
ch2: where was Peter at the time she was born His class was visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Arts on that day. She was born at 2:04 pm when they were studying mummies in the Egyptian Room.
ch2: what did they name the baby? what did they start calling the baby? Tamara Roxanne. They started calling her Tootsie.
ch2: what game was Fudge playing with the baby one day when they could no find her? Fudge was playing hide and seek and had hidden her in the closet.
ch2: what did Fudge want to do with the baby? he wanted to give the baby away to anybody who visited their house. he even started to offer a quarter for taking the baby away.
ch2: what did Fudge start pretending to be to get back all the attention from his mom? Fudge wanted to be mom’s baby and started pretending to be a baby. Peter spoke to him about the privileges of being a big boy and asked him to stop pretending like a baby.
ch3: whom did Peter's mom hire to take care of Fudge while she attended to the baby? Libby Tubman, Sheila's 13 yr old sister
ch3: what did mom want to go back to college for? to get a degree in Art History
ch3: what was Peter's favorite drink? Island Punch
ch3: what was Fudge's favorite book? Arthur the Ant Eater
ch3: where were the Hatchers planning to move to? Princeton
ch3: whose house were Peter's parents rented in Princeton? Peter’s parents had rented Millie and George’s house for a year since they were going to Europe.
ch3: why were they moving to Princeton? Peter’s father was taking the year off to be with the family and write a book on the effects of advertising on people.
ch4: who was Peter's best friend in New York City? Jimmy Fargo
ch4: what gift had Jimmy given Peter that he used to fall asleep? Kreskin’s Crystal.
ch4: what did Fudge put all over Tootsie one day stamps.
ch4: what kind of truck did the Hatcher's leave for Princeton in? UHaul
ch5:Why did Peter hate their new house? o The bathtub was on the floor and stood on its own legs o The hot and cold water came out of different faucets. o The wooden floors creaked when you walk across them. o The dining table was huge. o The library had books arranged by color.
ch5: whom did Peter make friends with in their new neighborhood? • After 2 weeks of moving in Peter made a friend named Alex Santo. He was in the 6th grade as well.
ch5: what kind of business did Alex offer Peter ? • Alex offered him the business of digging worms from the ground and selling them to Mrs. Muldour for five cents each
ch5: what brilliant idea did Peter give Alex so that they could double their earnings? • Peter suggested Alex to cut the worms into 2 pieces so that they could get paid double the money. He had read somewhere that if you cut the worms into pieces they regenerate on their own.
ch5: what according to Peter and Alex did Mrs. Muldour do with the worms? They thought that Mrs. Muldour ate the worms.
ch6: why did Fudge not want to sleep in his room any more? Fudge did not want to sleep in his room anymore due to fear of monsters. Every night he would drag his sleeping bag to his parent’s bedroom door and sleep there. His parents would just ignore him in the morning and step past him.
ch6: how did Peter and Fudge go to school? Peter rode Fudge to school every morning with him.
ch6: what was the name of Fudge's kindergarten teacher? Mrs. Hilderbrandt
ch6: what was the name of Peter's 6th grade teacher? Mr. Bogner
ch6: why did the principal, Mr Green call for Peter on the very first day of school after the classes had started? Peter found out that it was about Fudge. He went to his classroom along with the principal to find out that Fudge had climbed on the top the cabinet and refused to come down.
ch6: why did Fudge climb atop the cabinet? He had kicked the teacher and escaped to the top since she wouldn’t call him Fudge. She wanted to call him Farley or Drexel or F.D instead
ch6: what did the principal do resolve the situation? Fudge was moved to Ms. Ziffs class
ch6: what impressed Fudge the most upon entering the class? Fudge was impressed with her right away since she was reading “Arthur the Anteater” when he entered the class
ch7: What did Fudge ask from his mother when she offered him a treat for doing good in school? Fudge asked for a pet bird.
ch7: what kind of bird did Fudge want? Fudge liked the idea of getting a Myna because it could talk
ch7: what did they name the myna that Fudge got? what did it say all the time? They finally bought the bird and Fudge named it Uncle Feather. The bird kept on saying Bonjour, Bonjour which meant hello in French
ch7: where did they keep the bird's cage? Uncle Feather’s cage was placed in Fudge’s room and Fudge moved back to sleeping in his room from the hallway outside his parents’ bedroom
ch7: did he take the bird to school? yes. he took Uncle Feather to school for show and tell. All the kindergartener’s from the other class were invited too
ch7: what did Uncle feather say to Mrs. Hildebrandt? • Mrs. Hildebrandt also brought her class to watch. Upon learning that the bird spoke French, she told the bird “Parlez-vous francias?” to which the bird replied “Bonjour stupid!”
ch8: what did Peter and Alex see at the art gallery next to the theater? • Peter and Alex saw a painting at an art gallery next to the movie theater. The painting was done by Frank Fargo, Jimmy Fargo’s father. It was called Anita’s Anger. It had a white background, a couple of circles and a red box
ch8: where did Peter's mom start going to work for? • Peter’s mom was back to work to help a dentist
ch8: what did Peter's dad tell him when he complained about how he wasn't liking the change around him? “Changes take some getting used to but in the long run they are healthy”
ch8: what did Jimmy tell Peter about the Anita's Anger painting over the phone? Jimmy explained how his parents had a fight and his mother had spilled the red color which took the shape of the box on the painting before leaving for Vermont. Hence his dad named it Anita’s Anger
ch8: what did Alex, Fudge and Peter dress up as on Halloween? , Alex dressed up as Anita’s Anger painting, Fudge dressed up as a ghost and Peter used Fudge’s mask to make a costume
ch8: what did they find out when they went to Mrs. Muldour for treats? Her daughter turned out to be the girl who worked at the art gallery. Her name was Beverly. She recognized the painting on Alex’s costume
ch8: what did Fudge ask Mrs. Muldour? Fudge asked Mrs. Muldour if she ate worms for supper. Mrs. Muldour and Beverly looked at each other and smiled and said yes they did. She said that she put them in everything and even in the chocolate chip cookies that she offered them. Fudge liked them.
ch8: what did Fudge do upon returning home? Fudge laid all his treats from the pillowcase on the dining table and counted all his candies.
ch9: whom did Fudge make friends with? Daniel Manheim, a six year old boy
ch9: what did Daniel tell Fudge about Mynas? He told Fudge that they belonged to the Acridotheres genus and A. tristis species.
ch9: who came to visit Peter during this time? Jimmy Fargo came over to visit. He was very impressed with how much Tootsie had grown and even more impressed with Uncle Feather
ch9: did Jimmy make friends with Alex immediately No. they were getting into arguments and Peter’s mom suggested that they should go watch the Superman movie
ch9: who was watching the movie for the first time? Alex
ch9: on their way to the movie whom did they introduce Jimmy to? They stopped by at the Art Gallery and introduced Jimmy to Beverly
ch9: whom did they meet at the movie theater? Joanne, Sharon and Elaine at the theater. Peter sat next to Joanne
ch9: did Alex sleep over at Peter's that night? Yes.Jimmy and Alex slept in Peter’s room for the night and became good friends
ch10: what did Fudge want for christmas? Fudge wanted a bike for Christmas
ch10: what did Fudge make everybody do for their christmas wishes? Fudge wanted everyone to write their letters to Santa
ch10: what did Peter want? • Peter wrote about wanting a clock-radio, a remote controlled model airplane, a laptop computer, an MP3 player and six CDs
ch10: what tree did Peter's teacher talk about in holiday party? mistletoe plant
ch10: what gifts did everyone get on Christmas? Fudge got his red bike, Peter got his radio-clock, a check from Grandma and a gift certificate for four CDs. He told Fudge that wasn’t really expecting the laptop
ch10: what surprise did Fudge give to Peter? • Fudge told Peter that he never believed in Santa but pretended to since their parents thought that he believed in Santa
ch11: what game did Jimmy, Fudge and his dad go to watch when Jimmy came over? Hockey
ch11: what did Jimmy say about the violence in Hockey? He said that he loved violence in hockey. He also mentioned that he had been seeing the school psychologist twice a week since he had anger issues because of his parents’ divorce.
ch11: what family tradition did Tootsie follow on her birthday? she smashed the birthday cake with her fist in keeping with the family tradition.
ch11: what gifts did bring for the children? Grandma presented Peter a ball point pen and Fudge a Brian Tumkin book.
ch11: what kind of crash landings were Tootsie and Fudge having? Tootsie started to walk in six weeks. She would have a crash landing every now and then. Fudge was also having crash landings when trying to learn bike riding. He had problem using the brakes when he needed to stop. He tried to jump off the bike instead.
ch11: what happened to Fudge on the first day he rode his bike to school? he crashed his bike into the bike rack at school and ended up in the nurse’s office with scraped elbow, knees and torn jeans. Miss Eliot, the school nurse applied peroxide to the wounds and Fudge howled out loud
ch11: who was visiting the school on the same day? Brian Tumkin the famous writer and illustrator visited the school on the same day
ch11: what did Fudge do with Brian Tumkin? He got on the stage to help out Mr. Tumkin. Mr. Tumkin asked Fudge to describe a person so that he could draw
ch11: whom did Fudge describe for Mr. Tumkin to draw? Fudge described Mr. Green the principal.
ch11: what did the principal do upon seeing the drawing? Mr. Green loved the painting and wanted to keep it in his office. He requested Mr Tumkin to sign his name across it.
ch12: what prank did Fudge play on Peter on a Saturday morning? Fudge pretended that it was a school day and woke him up saying that he was late for school.
ch12: what did Alex and Peter plan on doing that day since the weather was good? • Alex and Peter planned to go on a picnic to the nearby lake since the weather was really good.
ch12: did they take Fudge along No. Fudge wanted to go with Peter but mom didn’t let him since the lake was far and there was traffic on the route. Fudge got very upset
ch12: after Peter and Alex returned from the picnic what did they find about Fudge and Daniel? they found out that Fudge and Daniel were missing. Daniel’s mom found out that he had taken money out of his piggy bank before leaving. Fudge had also taken out his. It added up to about seven dollars
ch12: who went to go looking for the boys? Peter’s dad and Mrs. Manheim went to look for them at the lake. Peter and his mom stayed home in case someone called about them.
ch12: how did they find them? Fudge called and told Peter that they were at Sandy’s bakery by the highway. They went and picked them up
ch12: what punishment did Peter suggest for the kids? Peter suggested that they be grounded by locking up their bikes for a month.
ch12: what did family decide to do about staying in Princeton? they decided to move back to NYC since Mr. Hatcher wanted to go back to his advertising job.
ch12: what was Tootsie's first word? whom did she say this to? yuck. she said it to Peter
ch12: how did she learn it? She learned this from Peter when he was changing her diapers.
ch12: what was her first words in front of the family? yuck!! and Nu Yuck!!
Book Question 1: Why was Peter so upset about his mom being pregnant? Peter was upset since he already had a little brother who was a naughty child and he did not want to go through the kicking, screaming and messes all over again pages: 4,5
Book Question 2: When was Peter’s sister born? Where was he at that time? Peter’s sister was born on February 26th at 2:04 pm. Peter was visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Arts on that day. They were studying mummies at the Egyptian room at the time she was born. page: 16
What was Tootsie’s first word and how did she learn it? Tootsie’s first word was “yuck”. She learnt it from Peter when he was changing her diapers and he referred to the soiled diaper as “yuck” page: 160
Created by: akbasu