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Maintain Nutri Stat

Test II, N101

Water Soluble Vitamins C & B Complex
C & B Complex Vitamins Water Soluble
Fat Soluble Vitamins A, D, E & K
Vitamins A, D, E & K Fat Soluble
Boosts Immune System Antioxidant Collagen formation Iron absorption Vitamin C
Citrus fruits Broccoli, green pepper Strawberries Greens Vit C Sources
Thiamine Riboflavin Niacin B6 Folate Pantothenic Acid Biotin B Vitamins
Too much can be very harmful - nerve damage B Complex
Pork, Liver Whole & enriched grains Legumes, green leafy vegetables Bananas, egg yolk Vit B Sources
Vitamin A Retinol
Visual acuity Maintenance of skin & mucous membranes Vitamin A
Liver Carrots Egg yolk Fortified milk Margarine Vit A Sources
Decreases cause delayed wound healing; softening of bones and teeth; anemia; inc. risk of infection; bleeding gums Increased amt causes kidney stones; abd. Cramps; diarrhea vitamin C
Functions include carb, prot, & fat metabolism B Complex
used in RNA and DNA synthesis,& RBC formation and maturation Folate
deficiency; mental confusion, fatigue; muscle weakness; paralysis; > heart size; heart failure (no known effects from excess) Thiamine
deficiency; dermatitis, photophobia; reddening of cornea ( No known increased effects) Riboflavin
deficiency causes dermatitis; diarrhea; dementia; death surplus causes flushing; itching; N/V diarrhea; hypotension; tachycardia Niacin
found in yeast cantaloupes, spinach, broccoli, bananas is a coenzyme used in CHO, pro & fat metabolism Deficiency causes dermatitis; convulsions; anemia Surplus causes difficulty walking, numbness of feet and hands B6
important during pregnancy to prevent anemia. Deficiency causes macrocytic anemia, fatigue, weakness. (no known effects of surplus) Folate
No known deficiency or surplus effects on body pantothenic acid
No known deficiency or surplus effects on body biotin
DRI= 1000 micrograms for men, 800 for women. A
Deficiency night blindness; dry rough skin & mucous membranes; ; dec saliva production; impaired digestion & absorption; inc suscept to infection ( resp, GU, vaginal); impaired bone & teeth development Vitamin A
Surplus causes anorexia; N/V; abd pain; wt. Loss; irritability; fatigue Vitamin A
DRI is 7.5 micrograms D
Decreased in rickets(infants & children); retarded bone growth; malformation of teeth& long bones; muscle twitches/spasms; pain; easy fractures. Vitamin D
Increases cause calcification of bones, kidney stones; N/V, headache; polyuria;polydipsia; mental & physical growth retardation. Vitamin D
Calcium & phosphorus metabolism Simulated calcium absorption Vitamin D
Sunlight Fortified milk Fish liver oils Vit D Sources
DRI is 15 mg. E
Deficiency causes inc RBC hemolysis & macrocytic anemia Viatmin E
Surplus is non toxic but can cause depression, fatigue, diarrhea, blurred vision, headaches, interference with blood clotting; and poor Vit A metabolism. Viatmin E
Antioxidant Protects vitamin A Promotes heme synthesis (blood) Viatmin E
Vegetable oils Wheat germ Whole grain products Vit E Sources
DRI is 2 grams. K
Synthesis of certain proteins necessary for blood clotting Vitamin K
Deficiency causes hemorrhagic disorders (of newborn); delayed clotting times – May bee R/t impaired synthesis or absorption. Vitamin K
Excess causes hemolytic anemia, & liver damage from synthetic Vit K. Vitamin K
Dark, green leafy vegetables Synthesized in intestines from gut bacteria Vit K Sources
Organic elements found in all body fluids and tissues; are bound to organic compounds Minerals
calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium Macrominerals
iron, zinc, manganese, and iodine Microminerals
Bone & teeth formation Blood clotting Nerve transmission Muscle contraction Calcium
RDI=1000mg, 1200mg after menopause Ca
Deficiency: osteoporosis; tetany; muscle cramps Calcium
Excess: N/V, anorexia, abd. Pain, polydipsia; polyuria; coma & death if untreated Calcium
Milk & dairy products Canned fish with bones Greens Calcium Sources
Bone & teeth formation Acid-base balance Energy metabolism Phosphorus
Deficiency: anorexia; weakness; hyperventilation Excess: hypocalcemia symptoms ; tetany Phosphorus
Milk & milk products Soft drinks Processed foods Phosphorus Sources
Deficiency: increased neuromuscular problems; CNS irritability; decreased muscle control; tremors;disorientation; tetany; convulsions. Excess causes: CNS depression; coma; hypotension Magnesium
Bone and teeth formation Protein synthesis Carbohydrate metabolism Magnesium
Green leafy vegetables Nuts Beans Grains Magnesium Sources
Extracellular fluid ion Fluid balance Acid-base balance Sodium
Deficiency: poor skin turgor; confusion; irritability; hypotension; tachycardia; tremors;convulsions Excess: Inc. weight; hot, flushed, dry skin; Inc. intense thirst; agitation; oliguria; anuria. Sodium
Salt Processed foods Sodium Sources
Intracellular fluid ion Fluid balance Acid base balance Potassium
Deficiency: muscle cramps; weakness; cardiac weakness; anorexia; N/V; confusion; shallow respirations; irregular pulse Potassium
Excess causes: irritability; anxiety; listlessness; mental confusion; poor respirations; inc. GI activity; hypotension; cardiac arrhythmia Potassium
Whole grains Fruits Leafy green vegetables Potassium Sources
Component of HCL in stomach acid Fluid balance Acid-base balance Chlorine
Deficiency= muscle spasms; depressed respirations; coma Excess causes acidosis Chlorine
Salt Chlorine Source
Oxygen transport via hemoglobin Iron
Deficiency: microcytic anemia; pallor;fatigue;weakness; spoon shaped nails. Excess: iron poisoning; GI cramping; N/V; shock; convulsions; coma Iron
Liver Lean meats Enriched& whole grain breads Cereals Iron Sources
Component of thyroid hormones Iodine
Deficiency : goiter Excess: acne-like skin lesions; iodine goiter Iodine
Iodized salt Seafood Food additives Iodine Sources
Tissue growth Sexual maturation Immune response Zinc
Deficiency: impaired growth; skin lesions Excess: anorexia; N/V; diarrhea; muscle pain; lethargy Zinc
Oysters Liver Meats Dried peas Beans nuts Zinc Sources
Two-thirds of body water is contained within the _____ (ICF) cells
Remainder of body water is ECF, _________ (plasma, interstitial fluid) body fluids
Digestion Absorption Metabolism Storage Elimination Process of Nutrition
RDA Recommended Dietary Allowances
RDA revised every ___ yrs. five
Decreased hemoglobin & hematocrit (H/H)= anemia
Decreased albumin = malnutrition; prolonged malabsorption
Decreased transferrin= anemia; protein deficiency
Decreased total lymphocyte count= impaired nutritional intake; sever debilitating disease
Decreased creatinine= reduction in total muscle mass
Increased creatinine= dehydration
Increased blood urea nitrogen (BUN)= starvation, high protein intake, severe dehydration
Created by: lost little girl