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The Night I Flunked My Field Trip - Winkler and Oliver

What is the name of the character who is narrating the story? Hank Zipzer
What was the name of Hank's teacher? Ms. Adolf
Why was Ms. Adolf threatening Hank about him not being able to go the field trip? Hank had forgotten his permission slip home.
Where were they going on the field trip? They were going to spend the night on The Pilgrim Spirit, a tall sailing ship that was docked on New York Harbor. They would be sleeping over at the ship like the sailors in the old times.
Why did Hank think that his family was Nerdy? • Hank’s dad was a crossword puzzle nut. • His sister Emily had a pet Iguana named Katherine and they both liked to eat Sardines • His mother loved to cook wheatgrass noodle casserole with blueberry flecks.
What was his dog's name and what was nerdy about him? His dog's name was Cheerio. He always went around in a circle and loved to lick the bricks of the fireplace just for fun.
Who were Hank's best friends Frankie and Ashley Wong
Who used to bother him in class the most? Nick McKelty
CH1: Where did he leave the permission slip? Under a Chinese flower vase at home.
CH2: What was the funniest way that Hank thought of to get back his permission slip? Signing on behalf of his dad and go to jail for the rest of his life
CH3: What was the name of the attendance person? Mrs. Crock
CH3: How did Mrs. Crock know Hank very well? Hank used to get sent to the principal's office very often.
CH3: Why did he get sent to the principal's office? He had learning issues and the school psychologist was helping him out to .....
CH3: What was the name of their Deli shop where Hank tried to reach his mom about the permission slip? Who started it? The name of their Deli was Crunchy Pickle located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It was started by his grandfather, Papa Pete.
CH3: Was he able to talk to his mother? Whom did he talk to? No. He spoke to Carlos, his mother's sandwich maker.
CH4: What kind of test was Ms. Adolf giving the class when he got back to the class? She was giving them a test on nautical vocabulary
CH4: What words did she ask them to write the meanings of? Dinghy (lifeboat), Aft and Starboard (right side of a boat). Hank was able to explain Aft (rear end of the ship).
CH4: What food was Nick McKelty always looking for in Ashely Wong's lunch? Twinkies
CH4: What sport was Frankie really good at? Basketball
CH4: Whom did they think could help Hank get the permission slip? Ashley, Frankie and Hank remembered that Papa Pete could help since he had a key to their apartment.
CH5: Where was Papa Pete when they called him for help with the permission slip? He was at McKelty’s Roll ‘N Bowl owned by Nick McKelty’s father. He was practicing his bowling.
CH5: What was special about Papa Pete's bowling skills? Papa Pete was the best senior bowler in the Upper West Side of NYC. He had once bowled a perfect 300 when he was in the navy.
CH5: What was the name of Papa Pete's bowling team? His team's name was "Chopped Livers". They had won the championship there for the last 3 years.
CH6: What did Papa Pete bring Hank along with the permission slip? A pickle in a zip lock bag. pg. 33
CH6: How did Principal Love look like? He was short and bald. pg. 35
CH6: How late was Hank in handing the permission slip to Ms Adolf? 1 second pg. 37
CH7: What time of the year was it when they visited New York for the field trip? Christmas. pg. 39
CH7: What kind of jobs would the students be assigned on the ship? cleaning crew, ropes crew and line handlers. One person would be the captain's assistant. pg.39-40
CH7: How did Hank become the captain's assistant? The class voted for him. Only Luke Whitman did not vote for him.
CH8: Where was the Pilgrim Spirit docked? South Street Seaport. pg. 42
CH8: On which street were Frankie, Ashley and Hank's apartment in? 78th Street. p.42
CH8: What was the name of the third-grade kid who lived in their apartment? Robert Upchurch p.43
CH8: What was common between Emily and Robert? Their nasal passages were always clogged with mucus. They were good friends and loved iguanas, geckos and snakes. p.43
CH8: What job did Frankie's father do? Dr. Townsend was a professor at Columbia University. p.43
CH8: According to Dr. Townsend, what was The Pilgrim Spirit a replica of? The replica of the ship that Richard Henry Dana sailed. p.44
CH8: Who was Richard Henry Dana? A writer.
CH8: What book did he write? Two Years before the Mast. It described the life of sailors on a Merchant sailing ship almost two hundred years ago.
CH8: What else did Robert know about the book? He knew that the book was published in 1840.
Ch8: What did Robert say about the route of Richard's ship? the ship sailed from Boston and sailed around Cape Horn which is the tip of South America. p.46
Ch8: what did the ship pick on the way? animal hides and made shoes out of their skins p.47
Ch9: What position did Hank's dad get in the All NJ Crossword puzle He came 2nd. p.51
Ch9: Where did Hank find his Mets sweatshirt? Katherine, the iguana had carried it with her when she snuggled out of Pete's bottom drawer. p.52
CH9: What snack did mom give to Hank for the trip? Tofu Jerky p.54
Ch9: what did cheerio do when he heard Ms Adolf's voice? He started howling and went around in circles. Ms. Adolf fell down trying to get away from him and ripped the back side of her jeans. p.59
ch10: where was South Street Sea Port located? It was located in lower Manhattan. p.61
ch10:with whom would they be sharing the Pilgrim Spirit with? the fourth grade class from PS 9. p.63
ch10: whom did Ashley meet from PS9 that she already knew from her soccer camp? Collin Sebastian Rich the Fourth and Chelsea. p.67
ch10: what learning problem did Hank have? Dyslexia p.67
ch10: whom did Hank imagine of being? Collin p.67
ch12: what did the Pilgrim Spirit look like? it was made entirely of wood and was painted black on the bottom. the sails were mostly square, except for 3 big triangle ones at the fore and aft. p.68
ch12: what was the name of the teacher from PS9? Mr. Lingg p.68
ch11: what sport was Hank above average at? Archery p.67
ch11: what brand of clothing did Collin wear? GAP p67
ch12: What was the name of the captain? Josiah Barker p.71
ch12: what was the name of the captain's first mate on the ship? Theodore Gladson p71
ch12: who said that he did not like to work on the ship? Luke Whitman p72
ch12: what task did the first mate assign Luke and Frankie? they made them First watch to look out for pirates and looters. They were made to stand at the bow of the ship p73, p75
ch12: who were chosen to be the captain's assistant? Hank and Collin. p74
ch12: what kind of jobs were required on the ship? galley crew, bilge crew, hide gatherers, deck swabbers, line handlers. p73
ch13: what did Luke and Frankie spot go by? Garbage barge. Luke said it smelt like Pizza p.75
ch13: what task did Ashley and Chelsea have? they had to lower buckets into the river to get water to swab the decks.
ch13: where were Collin and Hank located at the poop deck p76
ch13: what task did the captain ask Collin and hank to do? polish his shoe, clean the toilet with a toothbrush & peel onions for his stew
ch13: why did Hank think crazy ideas to harm Nick? he figured that Nick knew all about the horrors of being the captain's assistant from his brother and set Hank up for worst job on the ship
ch13: what ideas did he come up with? ....
ch14: what did Collin do when he heard about the list? he offered to help Hank to play a prank on Nick McKelty.
ch14: what did they have to do play the prank as per their plan? they had to get him to the captain's quarter.p84
ch15: what snack did Collin bring to the ship? TWINKIES p87
ch15: did the captain treat Ms Adolf with respect? No he yelled at her and asked her remove the stupid hat that she was wearing. p86
ch15: how did they pass the message about the Twinkies to Nick? they told Ashley about it when they stopped by p89
ch15: what did they say Nick about the job of the captain's assistant? they told him that the captain was very friendly and treated his assistants like kings and offered them steak and fries for dinner and mouse for desert. they also said that there was a chance for changing the shift with some one else. p90,91
ch15: what did Nick do upon hearing this? He pleaded to Hank and Collin to give him the job of the assistant and took the job while they left.
ch15: what did the captain ask Nick to do? make his bed bring his dinner unpack his provisions and sweep the floor p94
ch16: why did Hank turn down Frankie's offer to pair up with him. since he really liked hanging out with Collin and Collin felt he was smart and funny
ch17: what food were they served for dinner? they were served portions of gruel which looked like thin oatmeal and tasted like paper and paste
ch17: who started arguing with Mr. Gladson about the food? Ashley said that she did not like the food and wanted the chicken and fruit that was meant for the captain.
ch17: what did the first mate tell Ashley to make her stop talking? "Avast, matey" p99
ch17: what was Hank and Collin's next task? line handlers.they would be tying down the ship for the night
ch17: what book did the first mate hand them to help them tying the ship? One Hundred Most Useful Nautical Knots. p101
ch17: name a few basic knots bowline, square knot, figure eights, clean hitch
ch17: what two landmarks of New York city could they see from the boat? Brooklyn bridge and Statue of Liberty
ch18: what magic word did Hank use to tie the knot? Zengawii p.106
ch18: what knot were they trying to tie. they were trying to tie a cleat hitch, used to tie a boat to the dock.
ch18: why did Hank offer to tie the knot and ask Collin to read the instructions? the instructions were too hard to read and had a lot of difficult words and he did not want to look dumb in front of Collin.
ch18: whom did Hank try to seek help from to follow the directions written in the book? he asked Frankie for help but Frankie refused since Hank had refused to pair up with him earlier p.111.
ch19: why did Hank go over to deck to take a look at the knot on the cleat? he wanted to take a closer look at the knot and learn how to do it himself by taking it part and putting it together again. p115
ch19: what no. did the knot look like? 8 p.116
ch19: when he tied the knot back did it look exactly what it looked before untying not quite but Hank felt it was very close. p. 116
ch 20: what did Hank find in his jacket pocket? he found his grandfather's phone that he had forgotten to return. p.118
ch20: what did the captain do when Collin asked for help? he simply said that he was the captain of the ship and not a deckhand and stomped off . p.119.
ch20: what did they do after tying the knot? they listened to stories from Mr Gladson about a ship wreck during a storm at Cape Horn. then they went to their bunk beds to sleep. p120
ch20: where did Collin and Hank sleep? they slept near the door since they had to wake up in 2hours for their next shift which would start at 2:00 am in the morning.
ch20: whom was Frankie hanging out with? Ryan Shimozato and a bunch of guys from their class. p121.
ch21: what was their next task when Mr.Gladson came and woke them up? they would be the watchers on the deck. p.122.
ch21: what did Hank notice when they went up on the poop deck? they couldn't see the dock and the Brooklyn Bridge nearby and the lights from the pier were far away from them. they were surrounded all around by water.
ch21: what did Hank do when they found that the ship had drifted away from the dock? Hank cried out for HELP at the top of his voice.
ch22: what did the Ms. Adolf and Mr. Lingg do to the kids for safety? they put their life vests on. p.126
ch22: why did the captain and his first mate refuse to come on the deck. because they were sea sick. p.127
ch22: what was the captain's real profession? he was an actor who used to do musical comedy on Broadway. he could tap dance a little too. p.128
ch22: what was Mr. Gladson's profession? he was an actor as well. he use to work in commercials. Collin and Hank remembered that he was the guy from the smoothy peanut butter commercial.
ch22: what did Papa Pete tell Hank to do so that they wouldn't go adrift further? he asked Hank to untie the knots of the sail so that they came down. he would also let the coast guard in the meantime. pg 131.
ch23: who became Hank's first mate when trying to undo the masts? Collin and Frankie
ch23:what did Frankie explain to Hank about Starboard and port? Starboard was right and port was left. p.134
ch23: how many kids did Frankie assign to a rope to untie the sails 3 p.135
ch23: why was Kim Paulson disgusted with the rope that she was having to untie? she was untying Luke Whitman's rope which had his boogers on. p.136
ch23: who was barfing on the boat all the time? Heather payne p138
ch23: what was the name of the Coast Guard ship that came to rescue them? Orca
ch24: what did Ms Adolf loose in the water? Her pink pom pom hat in the Hudson river p.142
ch25: where was Collin and Hank summoned to after reaching the dock? at the harbor-master's office facing captain Adam McPherson. p.143
ch25: what did the captain want to know? he wanted to know all the details about the ship going adrift.
ch25: did Hank tell the whole truth about what had happened? Yes he did and started to cry.
ch25: what did the captain tell him? the captain told him that accidents do happen and what he did wasn't intentional. He had showed a lot of leadership qualities by calling his grandfather and help in bringing down the sails. Most importantly he was honest.
ch25: what souvenir did Hank get from the ship? a personal copy of One Hundred Useful Nautical Knots.
ch26: did Hank meet Collin again? yes Collin called him for a sleepover. He, Frankie and Collin had a sleep over and he learned that Collin wasn't perfect either
ch26: which baseball team did Collin like? Yankees.
Question 1: Why was Hank so excited to go to the field trip? They were going to spend the night on The Pilgrim Spirit, a tall sailing ship that was docked on New York Harbor. They would be sleeping over at the ship like the sailors in the old times. They would do things like stand watch, tie knots and sing sea song
Question 2: How did ship get away from the dock. Hank and Collin were assigned the task to tie a hitch knot upon reading instructions from a book. Hank could not understand the instructions from the book so he went over to the dock to take a look at the actual knot that was tied to the cleat. p.116-117
Question 2: How did ship get away from the dock. He undid the knot to understand it better. When he put the knot back together he did not tie it properly and left it loose. This caused the ship to float away from the dock later in the night. p.116-117
Question 3: How did they stop the ship from getting further away from the shore?(p.131) Papa Pete asked Hank to untie the ropes that were attached to the sails to bring them down. Hank with the help of Collin and Frankie guided all the students on the ship to help them untie the knots. Bringing down the sail stopped the ship from sailing.
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