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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 12

BIOS life (Greek)
VIVO/VICTUM live (Latin)
MIKROS small (Greek)
MEGAS great, large, big (Greek)
MAGNUS big, large, great (Latin)
PATER/PATRIS father (Latin)
MATER/MATRIS mother (Latin)
biology study of life
biography written life story
autobiography written life story of one's self
antibiotic against living forms which invade the body
revive come back to life
survive to live over or beyond a threat of death
victual food to support life
victim religious sacrifice of live animal or person
microphone device for transmitting a small sound over distance
microbe tiny form of life
microscope instrument for looking at tiny things
microwave tiny electro-magnetic wave between 1 and 100 centimeters long
megaphone device for making a sound larger (louder)
megalith huge rock (such as those in Stonehenge)
megalophonous having a big or loud sound or voice
mega in the metric system, a million times
magnify make larger
magnitude greatness
magnificent great in deed or character; lavish
magnanimous great in mind; above what is low, mean or ungenerous; noble in soul
patriarch chief father of a family or of a society
patriotism love for the fatherland
patrimony condition or estate inherited from one's fathers
patron one who acts like a father toward another
matriarch a woman who rules the family
maternal grandparents parents of one's mother
alma mater the "dear old school" from which one graduates
matrimony state from which motherhood develops
Created by: LiseBrinkley