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Nutrition - 20

Test II, N101

The study of food Nutrition
Bldg. blocks for cells and tissues Nutrients
Supply energy; Help manufacture, maintain & repair cells Nutrients
1g CHO = 4 Calories
4 Calories = 1g CHO
Primary energy source Carbs
Carbs Sugars
Carbon + Hydrogen + Oxygen = Carbohydrates
Carbohydrate = CHO
Amino Acid -> Building Block Proteins
1g Protein = 4 Calories
4 Calories = 1g Protein
Fat Lipids
Back-up Energy Source Lipids
Burn our own fat when there's no ______ to burn carbs
1g fat = 9 Calories
9 Calories = 1g fat
30g carbs + 19g fat + 5g prot. = 311 calories
Needed only in small amts. Micronutrients
Regulate body functions: Vits. & Mins. micronutrients
Necessary for metabolism of CHO, fats & proteins Vitamins
Absorbed through intestinal wall directly into bloodstream vitamins
1 vitamin classification: H2O Soluble
2 vitamin classification: Lipid Soluble
Large % body weight is water
Solvent for chem. processes, transports substances, form for tissues, maintains body temp Water
Calories in = Calories out Energy Balance
Basal Core
BMR Basal Metabolic Rate
Amt of energy required at rest BMR
Replacing calories used for BMR + physical activity Total Energy Needs
Non-invasive physical exam technique Anthropometric Measurements
BMI 18.5 - 24.9 BMI
Normal BMI 18.5 - 24.9
BMI >25 but <29.9 Overweight
Overweight BMI >25 but <29.9
BMI >30 Obesity
Obesity BMI >30
Created by: lost little girl