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Word Skills 3

Out of the blue book, lesson 3

advocate (v) to speak in favor of; to defend (n) one who argues for a case; lawyer
anticipate (v) to expendf; to realize before hand
circumscribe (v) to encircle; to limit
circumstance (n) one of the conditions that determine a course of action
collective (adj) of or pertaining to a group
consensus (n) general agreement; collective opinion
depreciate (v) to increase in value
dispute (n) argument; debate (v) to question the truth of
enable (v) to make possible
encompass (v) to surround or encircle; to include
irony (n) occurrence or result that is
miliant (adj) aggresive(n) one who is aggresive, especially in politics
morality (n) set of ideas about right and wrong
perpetuate (v) to cause to be remembered for a long time; to preserve from extinction
prominent (adj) widely known; immediatly nocticeable
satire (n) literary work in which wit is used to expose foolishness or wickedness
stereotype (n) fixed idea/popular conception (v) about something
unity (n) the state of being one; singleness
urgency (n) pressing importance
virtue (N) the quality of a moral excellence; a particular beneficial quality
Created by: Yummygirl