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BONE Histology

all things bones

name the 6 functions of bones Protection,Movement,Mineral Homeostasis,Support,Blood cell reproduction,Energy storage
Support provides framework,and points of attachments.
Protection protects internal organs
mineral homeostasis stores minerals like ca and p for muscesa contraction and nerve activities
where are minerals from bones realsed blood stream
what minerals are found in bones Calicum and phosphate
another name for blood cell reproduction hemopoisis,hemtapoises
what does red marrow make red blood cells,white blood cells, platelets
energy storage yellow marrow stores lipids
lipids fat,oil,wax
where the epiphysis and the diaphysis meets metaphysis
the distal or proximal extremity Epiphysis
the main portion or shaft of the long bone Diaphysis
meta- beyond
mature bone has an epiphyseal_______ line
immature bone has an epiphyseal_______ plate
arth/art- joint
this reduces friction in joints and is also called Hyaline Cartilage Articular cartillage
peri - around
membrane around the bone surface periosteum
med- middle
space within the diaphysis containing fatty yellow marrow medullary
endo- inside/within
Created by: geiger13