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9 system meanings

9 Body System Names w/ Meanings

What does the Immune system do? Do you like getting hurt and getting your arms/legs scrached up? So don't you like _______ your skin from germs on the ground? Protects the body from unwanted bacteria, viruses,and cells(W.B.C., and antibodies) W.B.C. means White Blood Cells.
What does the Excretory do? What do you do next after using the toilet, you DON'T just let it sit there right? Fllushes waste out of your body.
What does the Circulatory do? Circullates blood through your body(heart,veins,arteries,and capillaries!)
What does the Endocrine do? It's why MOST 6th graders are going crazy! Regulates the hormones in your body.
What does the Digestive system do? Think of when you are CHEWING food, where does it go through? Breaks down food into nutrients(stomach,intestines,mouth,and liver!)
What does the Respiratory system do? Do you know what water does when it flows through a river, well if you do you will know what the Respiratory system does! Allows for the inhalation of oxygen and delivers it to the bloobstream(lungs,trachea,and aveoli!)
What does the Skeletal system do? Think of your bones. Provides structure and support for the body(bones!)
What does the Muscular system do? What do your muscles do? Facilitates movement within the body(muscles!)
What does the Nervous system do? Controls the body! brain,spinal chords, and nerves)
Created by: Alena51610