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Chapter 3 W.P.

Weather Patterns

What type of air mass has cold, dry air? continental polar
What is a funnel-shaped cloud that touches Earth's surface called? a tornado
What is a good place to seek protection from a tornado? a basement
What are lines on a map joining places that have the same air pressure called? isobars
What type of air mass has hot and dry air? continental tropical
What is the area of the Great Plains that includes Texas and Kansas called? Tornado Alley
What forms over warm ocean water? hurricane
What type of weather is in the "eye" of a hurricane? calm
What connects places on a weather map that have the same temperature? isotherms
What moves air masses in the U.S.? prevailing westerlies & jet streams
What word means to leave an area temporarily? evacuate
What is a "dome" of water called that sweeps across the coats where a hurricane lands? storm surge
What type of front has fast moving cold air that overtakes warm air? cold front
What type of front has a warm air and slightly cooler air meeting that doesn't move? stationary front
What is the major difference between cyclones and anticyclones? the direction of their winds
What type of weather is associated with anticyclones? dry and clear
What forms by cold, dry air blowing over large lakes and then land? lake-effect snow
What 2 improvements have helped forecasting the weather? data gathering and technology
What scientists study and predict weather? meteorologists
What does a red line with half circles on it represent on weather maps? a warm front
What type of front has warm air overtaking cold air? warm front
Within what type of clouds do thunderstorms form? cumulonimbus
What percentage of cloud cover is represented by 3/4 black and 1/4 white on a weather station model? 75% (70%-80%)
What do meteorologists use to track areas of rain, snow, and storms? radar
How do the prevailaing westerlies usually blow air masses across the U.S.? from west to east
What is a violent disturbance in the atmosphere? a storm
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