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Paul Revere


cargo freight carried by a vehicle
ewers large, wide-mouthed pitchers or jugs
engraved carved, cut, or etched into material
transport a ship used to carry troops or military equipment from one place to another
colonies territories governed by a parent country; the thirteen territories that became the original United States
porringers shallow cups or bowls with handles
bookplates labels posted inside books that show the owner's name
steeple a tall tower rising from the roof of a church or other building
express fast, direct, and nonstop
congregation a group of people who regularly worship at a church
liberty freedom from the control of others
spurs shirt spikes or sharp-toothed wheels attached to the heels of a rider's boots and used to urge a horse forward
oppose to act against something
coattails rear flaps of a coat that hang below the waist
sentries soldiers who watch for danger
petticoat a skirt or slip worn by girls and women as an undergarment
Patriot a person who loves and defends his or her country; a colonist who was against British rule
dispatched send off to a specific destination
revolution promoting radical political or social change
taxes required feeds to support the government
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