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vocab sight 10

Specto to look at
Auspicious Auspicium=foretelling the future by bird signs Specto=to look at showing signs that promise success The sunny morning was a(n) _________ beginning for our picnic.
Introspection Intro=inward Specto=to look at examination of one's own thoughts and feelings. experience may help us to understand others, but without ______ we will never understand out own motives.
Retrospect Retro=backward Specto=to look at a survey of past times or events In _______, i wish i would have brought an extra pair of clothes for the beach field trip;i didn't like riding back to school in wet clothes.
Specimen Specto=to look at a single thing that is taken as an example of a whole category. I took a mold ______ from the bathroom back to the lab to be tested.
Specter Specto=to look at s ghost a haunting fear or trouble Some people think a ______ is haunting the Biltmore House.
Spectrum Specto=to look at wide range of related qualities or ideas When light passes through a prism, a light _______ is formed.
Speculate Specto=to look at to form an opinion with out knowledge or evidence to buy/sell something in hopes to make a profit with risk of loss When she bought stock, she made a/an ________.
Vigilo to watch
Surveillance Sur<French over super<L over vigilo=to watch supervision or close observation Prisons have _______ around every corner and in every nook and cranny.
Vigil Vigilo=to watch a period of staying awake to keep watch or to pray I had to go to the Christmas midnight _______ at church.
Vigilant Vigilo=to watch watchful on the look out of danger The vigilant red tailed hawks attack any intruders that approach their nest.
Created by: treenafairy8