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SS chap 4 5th grade

social studies

design and use of tools, ideas and methods to solve problems technology
tall logs carved with many designs to honor family members, new chiefs or mark special events totem pole
special feast where guests, not the host, receive gifts potlatch
city in Alaska, middle of Tlingit land Sitka
Hopi apartment-style homes, villages pueblo
oldest pueblo settlement in the US of the Hopi Old Oraibi
way of growing crops in places with little water, build dams and irrigation canals for corn dry farming
type of clay found in earth to build homes, protected people from heat and cold adobe
spirits who visit the Hopi villages for 1/2 a year. Bring rains, help crops grow, show people how to live and behave, bring peace and prosperity. Kachina
Hopi woman who is an pottery artist that brought back traditional design of the past Nampeyo
homes made of logs covere with grass, sticks and soil lodges
flat or gently rolling land covered with grasses and wildflowers prairie
cone-shaped tents made of animal skins teepees
sled-like device for carrying people and belongings or buffalo after a hunt travois
sacred area to the Lakota people in South Dakota Black Hills
special weapon to touch enemy without killing him coup stick
dried buffalo meat, could be made with berries jerky
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