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Mahalia Jackson 5th

Scott Foresman Reading

We learn about SLAVERY in social studies. the practice of owning another person.
Police RELEASED a picture of the man they were looking for. made public
My sister is a TEENAGER. someone between the ages of 13 and 19 years old.
He doesn't appreciate EXPENSIVE clothes. value
My mother is in the CHOIR. group of singers
He is a RELIGIOUS man. having a strong belief about God.
Her cousin is a BARBER. a person who cuts hair.
What would be another good title for this selection? A MAGNIFICANT VOICE
What does this sentence mean, "One of the ways black people fought against slavery was with the breath in their bodies."? They expressed their feelings by singing.
Why did slaves sing the blues? I made them feel better.
According to the selectioon how were Mahalia Jackson and Bessie Smith alike? They both performed in Chicago.
What is the MOST LIKELY reason the author wrote this selection? to inform readers about the blues and about Mahalia Jackson.
Which statement supports the selection's main idea? "Even if she (Mahalia Jackson) didn't sing the blues, she learned a lot from listening to blues singers..."
Which statement is an opinion? "...the blues are like having the flu in your feelings."
What could prove this statement of fact..." The roots of the blues go back to slavery"? An encyclopedia
Which statement tells what happened first? The author went to Chicago with a church group.
If the author had the chance to talk to Mahalia Jackson before she died, what do you think he might have said to her? "You are the greatest singer I have ever heard. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with the world."
The author uses a casual tone in the selection. What is a likely reason why he did this? He is explaining something to his granddaughter or wants the reader to feel that he is talking to them.
How are gospel and blues alike? Both gospel and blues can make listeners feel strong feelings.
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