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Latin 1 stage 9 + 10

Vocab words of Latin 1

agnosco,agnoscere,agnovi,agnotus recognize
celebro,celebrare,celebravi,celebratus celebrate
celeriter quickly,fast
civis citizen
dies,diei day
dies natalis birthday
do,dare,dedi,datus give
emitto,emittere,emisi,emissus throw,send out
exerceo,exercere,exercui,exercitus exercise
fero,ferre,tuli,latus bring,carry
homo,hominis person,man
hospes,hospitis guest
ille,illa,illud that
inspicio,inspicere,inspexi,inspectus look at,inspect,examine
iterum again
maneo,manere,mansi,mansus remain,stay
medius,media,medium middle
mox soon
notus,nota,notum known,well known,famous
offero,offerre,obtuli,oblatus offer
ostendo,ostendere,ostensi,ostensus show
paulisper for a short time
post after,behind
revenio,revenire,reveni,reventus comeback,return
suus,sua,suum his,her,their,his own
trado,tradere,tradidi,traditus hand over
abeo,abire,abii,abitus go away
accipio,accipere,accepi,acceptus accept
callidus,callida,callidum clever
capio,capere,cepi,captus take
contentus,contenta,contentum satisfied
exclamo,exclamare,exclamavi,exclamatus exclaim
frater,fratris brother
imperium,imperii power
inimicus,inimici enemy
invenio,invenire,inveni,inventus find
eo,ire,ii,itus go
liber,libri book
nos we,us
nuntio,nuntiara,nuntiavi,nuntiatus announce
pax,pacis peace
portus,portus port
quam how
semper always
sententia,sententiae sentence
servo,servare,servavi,servatus save,protect
solus,sola,solum alone
taceo,tacere,tacui,tacitus be silent,be quiet
vehementer violently,loudly
vos you'll
Created by: shyam101