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EOC Latin America

Andes Mountains are part of a chain of mountain ranges that run along the west and southern coasts of South America, are a barrier to movement into the interior .
Llanos vast plains found in Colombia and Venezuela, which are grassy, treeless areas used for livestock grazing and farming.
Cerrado savannas with flat terrain and moderate rainfall that make them suitable for farming.
Pampas areas of grasslands and rich soil found in Argentina and Uruguay: produces cattle and wheat grain
Orinoco River winds through the northern part of South America mainly in Venezuela
Amazon River fed by over 1,000 tributaries, this river is the largest river in the world, located in Brazil
Parana River travels through Paraguay and Argentina then turns into an estuary called the Rio de la Plata
Rain Forest are dense forests made up of different species of trees, where the climate is hot and rainy year round
Slash-and-burn cutting trees, brush, and grasses and burning the debris to clear the fields
Terraced farming is an ancient technique for growing crops on hillsides or mountain slopes
Push factors are factors that "push" people to leave rural areas
Pull factors are factors that "pull" people toward cities
Infrastructure includes things as sewers, transportation, electricity, and housing. things needed in order for a city to function properly
Mestizo population of people of mixed Spanish and Native American heritage
Maquiladoras are factories in Mexico that assemble imported materials into finished products that are then exported, mostly to the US
NAFTA (north american free trade agreement) has created a huge zone of cooperation on trade and economic issues, import tariffs on manufactured goods are being slowly reduced and eventually will disapoear
Cultural Hearth is a place from which important ideas spread, a heartland or place of origin of a major culture
Informal Economy jobs that take place outside official channels, without benefits or protection for workers
Treaty of Tordesillas two european powers of Portugal and Spain reached an agreement to divide South America. Portugal got Brazil and Spain received the rest
Biodiversity wide range of plant and animal species
Deforestation cutting down and clearing away of trees in the rain forest
Global Warming carbon dioxide building up in the atmosphere, which prevents heat from escaping into space, the temperature of the atmosphere begin to rise and change weather patterns
Debt-for-nature swap paying off government debt in order to protect a certain portion of the rain forest
Oligarchy government run by a few, usually have the military to back their power
Land Reform the process of breaking up large landholdings and giving portions of the land to land-poor peasant farmers
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