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What do geographers use to study the relationships between populations and environments??? statistics from maps, graphs, population pyramids, and spatial perspectives.
Statistics can help determine how to ____ redraw political boundaries
What are the key statistics used to study population? population density, population distrobution, population change, natural increase
average number of people living in an area population density
population density ___ (varies/stays the same) around the world varies
what does population density do? reflect the size of the country and environmental condition
when people spread unevenly across the earth population distrobution
Where do people wanna live? places with mild climates, fertile soils, and an adequate water supply
population change depends on birth rate, death rate, and migration
based on just birthrate or death rate natural increase
geographers use push factors and pull factos to analyze reasons for ____ migration
what attribute to population increases medical , agricultural and sanitation
better health care which allows people to live longer medical advances
increased food production agricultural advances
cleaner conditions sanitation advances
all countries will face _____ population changes
key term for understanding human geography culture
culture inclues ___ all the features of life
how is culture passed from parents to children
what do geographers study culture through? culture traits and culture regions
activites and behavoires common to groups culture traits
areas in which people share culture traits culture regions
how have cultures changed over time? through general processes such as communication, migration, war, and trade
adoption of new and useful ideas innovation
idea or innovation spreads from one person to another and is adopted diffusion
worldwide adoption of traits globalization
following longtime practices opposing many techonlogies traditionalism
what is the most important areas in geography?? language
why is language important its the main communication
languages have ____ characteristics spatial
languages are linked to _____ regions and people
languages are divided into ____ families and branches
how many languages are spoken? 3,000-6,500
why is relgigion important its a key culture trait that binds many societies together and gives meaning
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