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Horizons SS Ch.4

Thinking Like a Geographer /CLA/ Mrs.Woolsey

ecosystem a system in which plants, animals, and the environment depends on one another.
erosion the wearing away of Earth's surface.
disaster a happening, such as an earthquake or flood, that causes great harm or damage.
pollution anything that makes a natural resource, such as air, soil, or water, dirty and unsafe to use.
conservation the act of saving resources and making them last longer.
natural hazard an event in nature, such as an earthquake, tornado, volcanic eruption, or flood, that can cause great harm.
geographer a person who studies the Earth and its people.
relative location the location of a place in relation to another place.
region an area with at least one feature that makes it different from other areas.
satellite a spacecraft, without a crew, that orbits Earth.
prairie a flat or rolling land covered mostly with wildflowers and grasses.
marsh low, wet land where tall grasses and other similar plants grow.
alluvial soil fine soil left behind after flooding
levee a ridge of dirt.
bayou a slow-moving stream that forms off a river or lake.
bluff a high, steep face of a hill.
exact location the point where two lines cross on a map.
grid system a set of lines the same distance apart that cross one another ot form boxes
Created by: donnawoolsey