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first aid milestones

roll over what age 3 mth
can put hands together what age 3mth
can laugh and squeel 3th
rooting reflex and rolls over 3mth
child can sit up on own 6mth
child can use 1 word syllables ex: lalala memememe babababa 6mth
child can crawl 9mth
when does stranger anxiety take place 6-9mth
child can walk at what age 12mths
child can speak 1-3 words 12 mths
child can speak 6 words 15mth
child can put a block in a cup 12mth
child can drink from a cup 12 mths
chicld can walk 12 mths
child can walk/run backwards 15mths
chilc can use fork and spoon 15mths
child can climb stairs 18mths
child can kick a ball 18mths
child can stack 2 blocks 15 mths
child can combine words 18 mths
child can stack 4 cubes 18mths
child can use a tootbrush 18mths
child can jump up 2yrs
child can climb stairs and run 18mths
child is 1/2 understandable to strangers 2rs
child can stack 6 blocks 2yo 4 blocks-18mths 2 blocks-15mths block in cup-12mths
washes and dries hands 2yrs
rides tricycle and jump forwrd 3yrs recall can jump at 2yrs
hop on one foot 4yrs
copy circle 3yrs
copy a dash 3yrs
make cereal 3yrs
play board games 3yrs
dress self 3yrs
toilet train 2 to 3 yrs b/c you learn to wash hands at 2 so dont want kid taking shit before knows how to wash hands
imaginary friends 4yrs
button cloths 4yrs
plus sign 4yrs
stick figure 4yrs
circle 5yrs
triangle 5yrs
ties shoes 5ytrs
count to 5 5yrs
fully understanble 3yrs
Created by: langnolen