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BioPsych EXAM4

biopsych exam 4

Define allostasis. adaptive way in which body changes its set points depending on situation
Define basal metabolism. energy used to maintain a constant body temperature while at rest.
Define cytkines. small proteins released by leukocytes that attack the intruders... stimulates vagus nerve-->sends signal to hypothalamus.
Define homeostasis. temperature regulation and other biological processes that keep body variables within a fixed range.
Define homeothermic. using physiological mechanisms to maintain a nearly constant body temp despite changes in the temp of the environment. (ie. mammals or birds)
Define negative feedback. processes that reduce discrepancies from the set point
Define poikilothermic. body temp matches temp of the environment (ie. amphibians, reptiles, & most fish)
Define preoptic area/anterior hypothalamus (POA/AH) monitors body temp partly by montitoring its own temp
Define set point. a single value that the body works to maintain.
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