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Administration Inhalation or Oral
Absorption mucus lining of the mouth or lungs, ionizes in stomach, taken up by intestine
Disrtibution concentrates in the brain at up to 5 times the blood level> sympathetic ganglia. adrenal medulla. parotid glads. stomach. thyroid. pancreas .kidneys
Metabolism biotransfered rapidily in liver and some in lungs and kidneys
excretion kidneys (if ph under 6 excreted, otherwise recirculated)
Pharm effects -arousing or calming depenedent on titration -sympathetic reaction by NE ^ & epinohrine from the adrenals -^Hr and BP -^ blood flow to skeletal muscles - stim. vommiting and respitory centers -free ^ fatty acids -^ muscle activity in bowel -^ saliv
side effects risks for caronary disese
advantage with low tar and nictoine cigarettes? reduce exposure to 2 of 3 most dangeous chems in ciggs
deleterious se of smoking - increase of cancer - coronary artery disease - chronice lung disesas (brochitas emphsyma) - prenatal drug effects
how to cut down on smoking low t/n ciggs
smoking reinforcements -benefits of nitcotine -tool for arousl/relaxation -attachment to process -avoidence of withdrawl
withdrawl irrtability anxiety restlesness depression loss in concentraion drowsiness headaches tremors insomnia GI complaints
brochitas inflamation fo lung passages
emphsyma irreverable incras in size of lungs air spaces
Created by: pgalbato