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Capacity and Legalit

Kubasek Capacity and Legality Quiz

The following contracts is a minor not allowed to disaffirm? A contract for life insurance A contract for health insurance A contract for an education loan
A contract for a(n) __________ is a contract that supplies the minor with the basic necessities of life. Necessary
Once a person reaches the age of majority, he/she may __________, or legally affirm, contracts made as a minor. Ratify
Parents have a legal duty to provide their children with the basic necessities of life, such as __________, __________, and __________, and they may be held liable for the reasonable value of necessaries for which their children enter into contracts. Food, clothing, shelter
Which of the following contracts would be declared illegal? An agreement to commit a tort A contract for representation between attorney and client; the attorney is practicing without a law licens
Which of the following agreements is likely to be held in violation of public policy? A contract in restraint of trade An unconscionable contract
The term __________ refers to the fact that the agreement in question is so unfair that it is void of conscience. Unconscionable
An __________ clause is a statement releasing one of the parties to an agreement from all liability, regardless of who is at fault or what the injury suffered is. Exculpatory
When an agreement is deemed illegal, courts will label the contract __________. Void
A "severable" contract is also known as a(n) __________ contract. Divisible
Created by: tinafici