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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 11

ARBOR/ARBORIS tree (Latin)
CHRONOS time (Greek)
PARA beside, along with (Greek)
INTER between, among, amid (Latin)
TECHNE art, skill (Greek)
ARS/ARTIS art, skill (Latin)
arboretum public garden where trees are cultivated and exhibited
Arbor Day day designated for planting trees - usually in March, April, or May
grape arbor grape vines trained to climb on a trellis or open-roof framework
arboriculture cultivation of trees and shrubs
synchronize do at the same time
chronometer device to measure time
chronology relate events in time sequence
chronic over a period of time; "from time to time"
temporary for a limited time
contemporary with the time
tempo time in music; rate of speed at which a piece of music moves
tense verb forms which indicate past, present or future time
parable to throw a story in for comparison while teaching a lesson or moral
parachute goes along with you as you fall and slows you down
parenthesis a statement placed beside (or within) the main sentence
parallel lying along side of another line but not touching
international between or among nations
interaction discussion or action between or among people
intervene come between
interlude light entertainment in the midst of serious activities: a "break"
technology study of how to do things
technique expert skill in accomplishing something
technician one who is skilled in details of an art or subject
architect a master builder
art display or application of skill
artistic pertaining to skillful creation
artificial made by man; not occurring naturally
artillery equipment for war
Created by: LiseBrinkley
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