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wod test 1

reading vocab test

Precarious dangerous, unstable
Optimistic always looking on the bright side , expecting the best
Pessimistic always looking on the dark side, expecting the worst
Ludicrous silly, ridiculous
Tepid lukewarm, slightly warm, unenthusiastic
Ostentatious showy, and flashy
Loiter to hang around, to linger, wasting time
Affluent well to do
Elated extremely happy, filled with joy
Former the first of two things mentioned, of earlier or past time periods
Latter the second of two things mentioned, later
Destitute extremely poor, lacking necessities to survive
Despondent extremely sad, depressed
Inferior of poorer quality, person of lower rank or status
Superior of better quality, person of higher rank or status
Fleet very fast, a group of vehicles under one command
Ominous threatining
Significant meaningful
trivial meaningless
minute tiny
immense extremely large huge
lethargic slow moving, sluggish, lacking energy
rancid stale spoiled rotten
irate very angry
belligerent prone to fighting
Created by: edenh