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Home Meds

Med. NameClass and/or Rx (used for)
Actos Oral hypoglycemic Rx: Diabetes
Lipitor Antihyperlipidemic Rx: High Cholesterol
Thorazine Major Tranquilizer
Xenical Lipase inhibitor Rx: Obesity
Lanoxin Cardic glycoside Rx: CHF, dysrhythmias
Soma compound Seditive/ Antispasmodic/ Anelgesic Rx: Muscle Spasms
Zithromax antibiotic
Theo-Dur Methylxanthine bronchodilator
Lente Insulin Preparation Rx: Diabetes
Lomotil Narcotic anti-diarrheal/ antispasmodic Compound
Zovirax AntiViral agent Rx: Herpes, Shingles
Zyban Anti-depressant Rx: Smoking cessation
Zyprexa SSRI antidepressant/ Psychotropic Rx: Schizophrenia, bipolar
Altace ACE-Inhibitor Rx: HTN
Lactulose Laxative Rx: Constipation
Meclizin AntiNauseant Rx: Vertigo
Allopurinol Reduces serum uric acid Rx: Gout
Glipizide Oral hypoglycemic Rx: Diabetes
Levoxyl Thyroid Hormone
Keflex antibiotic
Zantac antiulcer
Protonix Proton pump inhibitor Rx: ulcers
Aciphex Inhibits gastric acid secretions Rx: ulcers
Norflex Skeletal muscle relaxant/ Non-Narcotic analgesic
Combivir Antiviral Rx: HIV/AIDS
Cognex Cholinomimetic/ Ach-ase inhibitor Rx: Alzheimers
Cipro Antimicrobial agent Rx: antibiotic
Digoxin Cardiac glycoside Rx: CHF, dysrhythmias
Dicloxacillian antibiotic
Naprosyn NSAID
Pravachol Cholesterol reducer
Retrovir Antiviral Rx: HIV/AIDS
Plendil Ca-blocker Rx: HTN, angina
Imitrex Antimigraine
Zocor Cholesterol reducer
Tetracycline antibiotic
Tequin antibiotic
Paxil anti-depressant
Vanceril Glucocorticoid
Meridia Stimulant Rx: obesity
Prozac hetrocyclic anti-depressant
Wellbutrin anti-depressant
Zestril Ace-Inhibitor Rx: HTN/CHF
Soma antispasmodic/ sedative
Acyclovir Antiviral Rx: herpes, shingles, chicken pox
Serzone anti-depressant
Indocin NSAID
Serax Benzodiazepine
Ticlid Platelet inhibitor Rx: stroke prophylaxis
Amaryl Oral hypoglycemic
Rifampin antibiotic Rx: TB, meningitis
Tigan antiemetic
Restoril Benzodiazepine/ Hypnotic
Actonel Rx: Osteoporosis
Reglan Improves gastric emptying Rx: ulcers, heartburn
Spironolactone Potassium-sparing Diuretic
Lamisil antifungal Rx: infection
Imodium antidiarrheal
Prilosec Gastric acid pump inhibitor Rx: ulcers, esophagitis
Prednisone Steroid anti-inflammatory agent
Tolanase Oral hypoglycemic
Prandin Oral hypoglycemic
Kenolog Cortico steroid Rx: swelling
Phenobarbital Barbituate (sedative-hypnotic)
Niacin Reduces serum cholesterol
Cozaar Angiotensin II blocker Rx: HTN
Pepcid Histamine 2 blocker/ Inhibits gastric acid production Rx: ulcers
Avapro antihypertensive Rx: HTN
Lasix Diuretic Rx: HTN, CHF
Pamelor Tricyclic anti-depressant
Amoxicillin antibiotic
Avandia Oral hypoglycemic
Norvasc Ca-blocker Rx: HTN
Toprol XL Cardio selective beta-blocker Rx: HTN, angina, arrythmias
Aricept Cholinesterase inhibitor Rx: some types of poisonings, glaucoma, myasthenia gravis
Inderal Beta-blocker
Nitro-Bid Nitrate
Synthroid Thyroid hormone
Atenolol Beta-blocker
Neurontin anti-epileptic
Nortriptyline Tricyclic anti-depressant
Librium sedative Rx: anxiety
Avelox Antibiotic Rx: bronchitis, pneumonia
Alupent Adrenergic bronchodilator
Isordil Long-acting Nitrate Rx: angina
Mevacor lowers serum cholestrol
Sporanox anti-fungal
Mellaril Phenothiazine antipsychotic Rx: Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, depressian, nausea
Vioxx NSAID Rx: Osteoporosis
Maxidex Eye Drops Steroid anti-inflammatory
Macrobid Antibacterial Rx: UTI
Lotrel Ca-blocker/ Ace-inhibitor
Glucotrol Oral hypoglycemic
Lotensin Ace-inhibitor Rx: HTN
Percocet Narcotic analgesic
Lortab Narcotic analgesic
Flagyl antimicrobial agent
Ativan Benzodiazepine sedative
Zomig antimigraine
Xanex Benzodiazepine sedative
Sonata Hypnotic Rx: Insomnia
Morphine Narcotic analgesic
Nifedipine Ca-blocker Rx: angina, HTN
Levaquin antibacterial Rx: pneumonia
Axid Histamine-2 antagonist, which inhibits gastric acid secretion Rx: ulcers
Zoloft anti-depressant
Tegratol Anticonvulsant
Vicodin Narcotic Analgesic
Tagamet Histamine-2 antagonist, which inhibits gastric acid secretion Rx: ulcers
Medrol Glucocorticoid Rx: Asthma and other inflammatory processes
K-Dur Potassium Supplement
Relafen NSAID Rx: Arthritis
Serevent Adrenergic (B-2) Bronchodilator Rx: Asthma, COPD
Valtrex antiviral Rx: herpes, shingles
Procardia Ca-channel blocker
Plavix Platelet inhibitor Rx: MI, Stroke, atherosclerosis
Micronase Oral hypoglycemic
Hyzaar Diuretic (water pill), Angiotensin II receptor antagonist
Allegra antihistamine Rx: allergies
Humulin Insulin Preparation for Type-I diabetics
Amitriptyline Tricyclic anti-depressant
HCTZ Diuretic
Halcion Benzodiazepine
Glucophage Oral hypoglycemic
Fosamax Reduces Bone Loss Rx: Osteoporosis, Paget's Disease
Flovent Steroid anti-inflammatory Rx: asthma
Colace Stool Softener
Flonase Steroid Rx: allergic rhinitis
Albuterol B-2 Bronchodilator Rx: asthma, COPD
Fioricet Pain reliever/ relaxant
Ambien Hypnotic Rx: Insomnia
Famvir Antiviral Rx: herpes zoster, genital herpes
Ethambutol Anti-tuberculosis
Erythromycin Antibiotic
Effexor SSRI anti-depressant
Dyazide Antihypertensive/ Diuretic
Dulcolax Laxative
Doxycyline antibiotic
Accolate Bronchospasm inhibitor Rx: asthma
Diovan Angiotensin II antagonist
Dilaudid Narcotic Analgesic
Dilantin Anticonvulsant
Tylenol #3 Narcotic Analgesic
Diflucan antibiotic
Trazodone anti-depressant
Advair steroid anti-inflammatory/ B-2 Bronchodilator Rx: Asthma, COPD
Depakote Anticonvulsant/ antimigraine
Zyrtec antihistamine Rx: allergies, hives, asthma
Decadron steroid anti-inflammatory
Augmentin antibiotic
Darvocet-N 100 Narcotic Analgesic
Coumadin anticoagulant
Voltaren NSAID Analgesic
Combivent Bronchodilators Rx: asthma
Fiorinal Analgesic relaxant
Valium Benzodiazepine
Codeine Narcotic Analgesic
Accupril Ace-Inhibitor
Clonazepam Anticonvulsant Benzodiazepine Rx: Seizures, Panic disorders
Clariton antihistamine
Ultram Narcotic Analgesic
Celexa SSRI anti-depressant
Celebrex NSAID analgesic
Ceclor antibiotic
Carisoprodol muscle relaxant/ analgesic
Cardizem Ca-channel blocker
Amerge Antimigraine
Isoptin Ca-channel blocker
BuSpar Anxiolytic or anti-anxiety agent
Aerobid Steroid anti-inflammatory Inhaler Rx: Asthma
Demerol Narcotic Analgesic
Bactrim DS antibiotic
Lescol Cholesterol Reducer
Mobic NSAID analgesic
Pediazole antibiotic compound
NPH Insulin Preparation Type-I diabetics
Darvon Narcotic analgesic
Lopressor Beta-1 Blocker Rx: HTN
Septra antibacterial
Norgesic Non-Narcotic analgesic
Oxycontin Narcotic analgesic
Capoten Ace-Inhibitor Rx: HTN, CHF
Feldene NSAID analgesic
Risperdal antipsychotic Rx: Schizophrenia
Midrin antimigraine
Humalog Insulin Preparation Type-1 diabetes
Lorazepam Benzodiazepine
Lithium antimanic or mood stabilizer Rx: Depression, Mania
Diabinese Oral hypoglycemic
Singulair Luekotriene blocker Rx: asthma
Viracept Protease inhibitor antiviral Rx: HIV
Isoniazid antibacterial antibiotic Rx: TB
Phenergan Phenothiazine sedative/ antiemetic Rx: rhinitis, urticaria, N&V
Clozapine antipsychotic Rx: schizophrenia
Donnatal Barbituate sedative, antispasmodic Rx: Ulcers
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