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IC L17

Integrated Chinese Lesson 17

学习 to study
参加 to take part in
印象 impression
to become
to show
活着 to live
to spend
力气 strength
not until
早就 long since
别人 others
just; only
后天 the day after
一言为定 that settles it
记得 to remember
最后 the last
想起来 to remember
号码 number
歌剧 opera
好好儿 all out
庆祝 to celebrate
打扫 to clean up
房子 house
整理 to put in order
房间 room
旅行 to travel
没关系 it doesn't matter
白健明 a personal name
纽约 New York
记不住 unable to understand
对象 boyfriend or girlfriend
年纪 age
结婚 to get married
Created by: mrchuang