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IC L16

Integrated Chinese Lesson 16

看病 to see a doctor
病人 patient
肚子 stomach
疼死 to really hurt
一些 some
剩菜 leftovers
好几 quite a few
厕所 restroom
to put
躺下 to lie down
检查 to examine
吃坏 to get sick because of bad food
打针 to get a shot
小时 hour
饿死 to starve to death
办法 method
想家 to miss home
身体 body
to flow
眼泪 tear
to itch
对...过敏 to be allergic to
药店 pharmacy
to take
赶快 right away
要不然 otherwise
越来越 more and more
花钱 to spend money
花时间 to take up time
to try
再说 moreover
生病 to get sick
健康保险 health insurance
to guess
horse; a surname
头疼 to have a headache
咳嗽 to cough
打喷嚏 to sneeze
发烧 to run a fever
感冒 cold; to have a cold
生气 to be angry
to move
对...有兴趣 to be interested in
Created by: mrchuang