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IC L15

Integrated Chinese Lesson 15

sentence-final particle indicating a continued state or action
过生日 to celebrate a birthday
舞会 dance;ball
女朋友 girlfriend
表姐 older cousin
做饭 cook
汽水 soft drink
水果 fruit
果汁 fruit juice
走路 to walk
woods; a surname
礼物 gift
说到 to talk about
聪明 bright; intelligent
用功 hard working
暑假学校 summer school
长得 to grow in such a way as to appear
可爱 lovely;cute
前年 the year before last
to belong to
鼻子 nose
to be like
将来 in the future
一定 certainly
手指 finger
以后 later; in the future
应该 should
to play
钢琴 piano
海伦 Helen
汤姆 Tom
身高 height
公分 centimeter
体重 weight
公斤 kilogram
foot; leg
庆祝 to celebrate
to stand
男朋友 boyfriend
Created by: mrchuang
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