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IC L13

intergrated chinese lesson 13

录音带 audio tape
职员 staff member
used to indicate how a thing or person is disposed of, dealt with or affect
学生证 student ID card
to leave behind
语言 language
实验室 laboratory
楼下 downstairs
then and only then
to return
to bring
其他的 other
证件 identification; credentials
信用卡 credit card
开到 open till...
关门 to close the door
to remain
钟头 hour
可能 possibly;perhaps;maybe
来不及 there is not enough time
measure word for books
图书馆员 librarian
进去 to go into
找到 to find
借书证 library card
多久 how long
如果 if
过期 to be overdue
to fine; to punish
续借 to renew
必须 must
字典 dictionary
办法 method
方法 method
小时 hour
分钟 minute
楼上 upstairs
词典 dictionary
研究生 graduate student
声音 sound
到期 to become due
Created by: mrchuang