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life science flash cards

the universal building blocks structures. Cells
thread shaped structures Chromosomes
make the particular patterens that determine yourr unique triats Genes
are groups of cells that work together to accomplish aparticular function tissues
as the name implies, connects, binds, and supports your body parts connective tissue
covers your body on the outside and also lines the internal organs epithelial tissue
contracts so it can more other body parts such as your skelaton. muscle tissue
carries messages as electrical impules from your sensets your brain and then to every part of the body nerve tissue
tissue join with other tissue to make organs organs
sevral organs work together in organ systems organ systems
nervus, endocrine, reprodutive, immune, lymph, sensory, skeletal, muscular, circulutory, respatory, digestive, and excretory organ systems
brings oxygen and gets rid of carbon dyoxyde respatory system
resvives and sends messages and contracts the rest of the body nervus system
protects aginst invaders immune system
moves the body muscle system
creates new life reproductive system
bathes the tissue lymph system
supports the body skeletal system
carries food and oxygen to the cells circulatory system
releases hormone into the bloodstream endorine system
gets rid of cell waste exretory system
breaks down food into usable parts digestive system
gathers info about the world and relays it to the brain sensory system
bones that fit together like a jointed suit of atmor outside their bodys exoskeletons
you wear your support on the in side as an endoskeleton
your bone are made up of 25% ???? collagen
the hard outer surfus of the bone compact bone
the spongy lacy net work of the bone cancellous
the soft innermost part of many bones bone marrow cavity
covers bones exept at the end where bones conest periosteum
as on the end of your noes cartilage
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