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SBES5 Word Parts

prefixes roots suffixes

chron time / synchronize, chronicals
pre before / preheat
re again / reread
syn same / synonym
nym name / homonym
ly in a way that is / happily, sadly
ful full of / cheerful, faithful
struc to build / construct
rupt to break / interrupt, erupt
able able to / kissable
ant, anti against / antigravity
astro stars, space / astrology
log study of / biology, astrology, geology
aud to hear / audio, auditorium
auto self / automatic, autobiography
bio life / biology
dis not / disobey
micro small / microscopic
phon sound / phonics
pseudo false / pseudonym
spec to watch, to see / spectator, inspect
opt to see / optical
ped feet / pedicure
dex hand / index
inter between / interrupt
ir not / irresponsible
less without / homeless, shoeless
graph written / autograph, biography
tele far / television
vis to see / vision
un not / unhappy
-ist someone who / scientist, pianist
-er someone who / teacher, runner
-ess someone who / waitress, actress
-or someone who / actor, waitor
-er more / happier, sadder
-est most / happiest, saddest
geo earth / geography
ex out / exit
in- not / inappropriate
im- not / immature
cred believe / credible
circ around / circle
homo same / homophone
-ness being / happiness, saddness
-ic dealing with / artistic, historic
-ible able to / visible
acro tip, beginning / acrobat, acronym
phobia fear / claustrophobia
Created by: hudsondon
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