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Modern Korean 19

Modern Korean Lesson 19 Vocabulary

유물 a relic, antiquity
층계 stairs
비롯하여 including...
신기하다 to be mysterious; be wonderful
정교하다 to be exquisite
화려하다 to be luxurious; be splendid
간결하다 to be simple
웅장하다 to be magnificent; be huge
불당 Buddhist alter room
구경 sightseeing
해돋이 sunrise
꼭대기 a top; peak
짓다 to build; construct
불상 Buddhist statue
둘레 circumference; surroundings
보살상 Bodhisattva
구불구불하다 to be meandering
산길 a mountain trail
신혼 여행 honeymoon; wedding trip
유람선 a barge; excursion ship
석기 시대 the Stone Ages
발견되다 to be discovered
졸업 graduation
축하하다 to congradulate (someone) (son something)
들려주다 to read (something) (to a person); inform, tell
무너지다 to collapse
설명 an explanation
오스트리아 Austria
a fence
이르다 to arrive (at...), reach, get to
a wall
향하다 to face
몰다 to drive (a vehicle)
절하다 to make a bow
떨어지다 to run out of; be short of
취하다 to be drunk
등산하다 to climb
피서하다 to pass the summer time (or hot months) (at ..)
걸다 to hang; suspend
행해지다 to be done
인상 깊다 to be impressive; be memorable
간략하다 to be brief
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