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Chapter 1 SS

Vocabulary Words for Social Studies

Vocabulary WordDefinition
continents the largest land areas on earth
hemisphere a half of the Earth
equator the imaginary line between the Northern Hemisphere and The Southern Hemisphere
relative location Where a place is as compared to other places on Earth
mountain range A group of connected mountains
Pacific Rim A world region that includes the states and countries that border the Pacific Ocean
crossroads any place that connects people, goods, or ideas
absolute location exact position of a place on Earth
lines of latitude a set of lines on maps that run east and west
parallels another name for lines of latitude
lines of longitude a set of lines on maps that run north and south
meridians another name for lines of longitude
prime meridien starting point for the lines of longitude
natural region made up of places that share the same kinds of physical, or natural, features such as plains, mountains valleys, or deserts
coastal plain an area of low land that lies along the ocean
fault a crack in the Earth's surface along which underground layers of rock can move
volcano an opening in Earth's surface from which hot gases, ashes, and lava may pour
lava hot melted rock from inside the Earth
fertile good for growing crops
irrigation the use of canals, ditches or pipes to carry water to dry places
sea level land that is level with the surface of the ocean
basin a low, bowl shaped land area with higher ground all around it.
plateau an area of high, flat land
inlet a narrow strip of water leading into land from a larger body of water
harbor a place on a coast where ships can dock safely
tributary a smaller river that flows into a larger river
river system a river and its tributaries
erosion the wearing away of the Earth's surface
channel A path for a river to flow through
floodplain The low, flat land along a river
delta Land built up at a river's mouth
reservoir A lake made by people to collect and store water
hydroelectric power Electricity made by the power of fast moving water
San Joaquin and Sacramento California's two longest rivers
temperature The measure of how warm or cold something is
precipitation Water that falls to the Earth's surface in the form of rain, sleet or snow
climate The kind of weather a place has most often, year after year
air mass a large, moving body of air
humidity the amount of moisture in the air
rain shadow the drier side of the mountain
drought A long time with little or no rain
Santa Ana winds Hot, dry winds that form in the Great Basin and blow westward across Southern California
canyon A deep, narrow valley with steep sides
product something that people make or grow, usually to sell
growing season The length of time when the weather is warm enough for crops to grow
mineral a natural substance found in rocks
manufacturing the making of goods
fuel a natural resource used to make heat or energy
petroleum another name for oil - California's most valuable fuel resource
nonrenewable resource a resource that cannot be made again by people or by nature
renewable resource a resource that can be made again by people or by nature
habitat a place where animals find food or shelter
extinct having died out
Central Valley California's most fertile farmland
California redwoods the world's tallest trees
Mount Whitney California's highest mountain
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