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pre-chapt 27


herba grass
lacrima tear
pecūnia money
silva forest
via road
agnus lamb
annus year
autumnus autumn
campus field
deus god
hortus garden
līberī children
lupus wolf
numerus number
porcus pig
servus slave
sēstertius coin
vesper evening
baculum cane
folium leaf
multum + gen. a lot
pretium price
tergum back
vestimentum clothing
bōs bull, cow
carcer prison, cell
fīnis end
imber rain
infāns baby
Iov- Jupiter
mēnsis month
mons mountain
paterfamiliās father
pēs foot
timor fear
aestās summer
ars art, skill
hiems winter
māter mother
mercēs payment
ovis sheep
urbs city
opus task, job
ōs, ōra mouth
ver spring
verbera beatings
domus (F) house
humus (F) ground
manus (F) hand
meridiēs noon
rēs thing
nihil mothering
mane morning
id est that is
(dat.) to him
eōs them
est mihi I have
quī (2) he who, those who
huius of this
nōbīs to us
quō by which
quārum whose
quōs whom
aegrotus sick
aliēnus someone else’s
alius another
alter the other of two
barbarus barbarian
beātus blessed
calidus hot
cēterī all the others
dignus worhtly
indictus uneducated
industrius hard-working
ipse -self
laetus happy
meus my
miser miserable
multī many
nōnus ninth
novus new
nūllus no, none
optimus best
pallidus pale
parvus small, little
paucī few
perterritus scared
piger lazy
probus good, proper
quiētus quiest
rārus rare
sevērus strict
sōlus alone
sordidus dirty
ūmidus wet
validus strong
vīvus alive
absēns absent
brevis short
celer fast, swift
dīves rich
facilis easy
mollis soft
omnia everything
plūres more
Quālis? what sort of?
trēs three
tot so many
octō eight
aberrāre wander away
aegrōtare be sick
cōgitāre think
clāmāre shout
cūrāre take care of
exspectāre await, expect
habitāre live
lavāre wash
postulāre demand
putāre think
servāre save, rescue
verberāre beat
vorāre devour
dēbēre to owe
dēbēre + inf. (+ 2 inf.) to ought dēbu-, dēbit-
regular infinitives for second conjugation verbs ēre, uisse, (i)tum esse
dolēre + dat. hurt, give pain
gaudēre rejoice, be happy
habēre to have
iacēre lie down
possidēre to possess
respondēre to answer
rīdēre laugh
sē havēre get along (health)
tacēre to be quiet, shut up
tenēre to hold
valēre to be healthy
vidērī seem, appear
accēdere go to
arcessere summon, fetch
canere to sing
cōnvertere turn
crēdere to believe
currere run
dīcere say
dīctur is called
dēsinere to cease, stop
discēdere to leave, to go away
edere to eat
mittere to send
pellere (+ perfect passive inf.) to push pulsum esse
persequī chase, pursue
petere (+ perfect active inf.) to seek, to head for petivisse
prehendere to grab
proficīscī leave, set out
regere (+ perfect active inf.) to rule rēxisse
relinquere (+perfect passive inf.) to leave behind, to abandon relictum esse
sinere to allow, to let
solvere (+ pai) to pay solvisse
surgere to rise, to get up
trahere to drag
tremere to tremble, to shake
vehere to carry
accipere (+ what # verb) receive, accept 3i
aspicere (+ what # verb) look at 3i
cōnficere (+ what # verb) (+ infs.) to make/3i/(con)fēcisse, (con)fectum esse
cōnspicere (+ what # verb) to catch sight of 3i
efficere (+ what # verb) to make out of 3i
facere + 2 fin (+ what # verb). do make fēcere factum esse 3i
incipere (+ what # verb) begin, start 3i
advenīre (+PAI) come to advēnisse
cūstōdīre to guard
invenīre to find
reperīre (+PPI) to find repertum esse
scīre to know
abesse be absent
abīre to go away
ferre to bear, to produce
nōlle not wish
futūrum esse says… or gonna be
opus est it is necessary
ad ___ndum for vbing
velle (+PAI) to wish voluisse
volunt they want
bene well
bis twice
circum + accus. around
cotidiē daily
deinde then
haud not at all, by no means
hīc here
hodiē today
ibi there
infrā + acc. below
inter + acc between
maximē especially
multō by a lot, much
nimis too
nisi unless, if…not
nōndum not yet, still not
nunc now
nuper recently
ōlim once upon a time
paene almost, nearly
posthāc from now on
praeter + acc. except
praetereā furthermore, also
prīmum first
propter + acc. because of
procul far away
profectō certainly
Quā dē cause? why
quamquam although
quāre? why
quater four times
quidem certainly
Quomodō? how?
quoniam since, because
rūrsus again
satis enough
sīc thus
sīcut just like
sine + abl. without
sōlum only
ter three times
tunc then
ut as, like
vix scarely, barely
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