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gillambiology #9,10,11,12 rootwords

para beside
patho disease
pector chest
ped foot
pelvis basin
penta five
peri around
permea pass through
petro rock
phaeo brown
phago eat
pheno show
phil loving
phore one that bears
photo light
phyco seaweed
phyll leaf
physio nature of
phyta plant
pineus pine
pinna feather
pino drink
plasm form
plast body
platy flat
pneumo lung
poly many
pore opening
post behind
poten powerful
pre before
pro first
pseudo false
psycho mind
pulmo lung
pyloros gate keeper
pyro flame
quad four
quercus oak
re again
renal kidney
repli fold back
rhizo root
rhodo red
rubra red
saccharide sugar
sal salt
sapiens thinking man
sapro rotten
sarco flesh
schizo split
scope vision
scyphos cup
sectio cutting
semi half
septum wall
some body
sono sound
sperma seed
spirilla spiral
sporo spore
staphylo cluster
stasis stand
stoma mouth
strepto chain
stria layered
strobili cone
sub below
super above
symbio together
synapsis union
synthesis putting together
tarso ankle
taxis arrangement
tele far
term end
tetra four
thermo heat
thorax chest
tion state of
tox poison
tracheo tube
trans across
tri three
troph feeder
tympanum drum
ule small
ultra beyond
uni one
vac empty
vacca cow
vasculo tube
ventral belly
vestig trace
virus poison
viscera internal
vore one that eats
wort plant
zoo animal
zygo yolk
Created by: danagillam