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Gillambio #5,6,7,8

gillambiology #5,6,7,8 rootwords

fibro fiber
fili thread
flex bend
fossil dug up
fract break
frond leaf
gamet reproduction
ganglion swelling
gastro stomach
geo earth
gen origin
glea glue
glyco sugar
graph write
gymno naked
gyn woman
hap single
hecto 100
helminthes worm
heme iron
hemi half
hemo blood
hepa liver
herb plant
hetero different
histo tissue
homeo alike
homo same
hydro water
hyper above
hypo below
ic pertaining to
ichthyes fish
ir not
infra less
inter between
ism belief
iso equal
ist person
ium organism
karyo nucleus
kilo 1000
kin moving
lac milk
lateral side
leuco white
lin line
lip fat
loba lobe
logy study of
lumbo loin
lympha lymph
lysis splitting
macro large
mal bad
mania madness
marine salt water
mastig whip
medusa jellyfish
mega large
meio less
mere part
merism division
meso middle
meta change
meter measure
micro small
milli .001
mitos thread
mobile movable
mole body
molllus soft
mono one
morpho form
motor moving
multi many
musc moss
myco fungus
myo muscle
myxo slime
nano billionth
nema thread
nephron kidney
neuro nerve
nigra black
non not
nucleo center
oct eight
oculo eye
oid like
ole small
omni all
ovum egg
optic eye
oral mouth
ose sugar
osis process
osteo bone
ostia small opening
palma palm
Created by: danagillam