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Great Expectations


Impiously showing haughty disdain
Insolent lacking reverence, respect or dutifulness
Plaited braided
Propensities tendencies
Loitered proceeded slowly or with many stops
Impetuosity domineeringly; overbearingly
Contiguous neighboring; adjacent
Fain pleased; willing; obliged
Prevailing most common; widespread
Trenchant distinct; forceful, effective, and vigorous
Augmented added to
Ague fever and chills
Blithe carefree and light hearted
Unscupulous without a conscience or a moral code
Corroborated supported by other evidence
Latent present but not active; hidden
Sypnosis summary
Trepidation state of dread or alarm
Refectories rooms where meals are served
Presentiment sense that something is about to happen
Obdurate hard-hearted; not giving in to persuasion
Abeyance make a statement of facts
Malignant disposed towards evil
Tithe one-tenth
Assiduity constant personal attentions
Incongruity at odds; not matching
Detrimental arousing strong dislike
Perused looked over with care
Depreciation belittling
Acquiesced consented without argument
Epudiate refuse to accept or to be associated with
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