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Plot line drama term

English terms

Drama TermsAnswer
Describes the general atomsphere, mood& conditions at the beginning of the play; identifies the time & place as well as the main characters & their positions, circumstances, adn relationships to one another Exposition
The action that gets things going; something happens that starts the action of the play moving; it begins the conflict which will continue in the play Exciting Force
The series of events which lead up to the climax of the play; it provides a progessive intensity of interest for the audience; the protagonist is the active force, making things work out as he or she is intended; it involves more than one act Rising Action
Represents the turning point of the play; the protagonist reaches the peak of his or her power, & a distinct change occurs in him or her as well as in the direction of the action. Things begin to go against the protagonist who is going down a bad path. Climax
The events occuring from the time of the climax up to the protagonists death. The episodes will show both advances & declines in various forces acting upon the hero. It involves more than one act. Falling Action
The complete downfall of the protagonist, either through death or some other devastating circumstance, It is simple & brief. Catastrophe or Denouement
Form of literature that is written to be performed for an audience Drama
Unveils the downfall of the main character; a play where the protagonist is light & humorous in tone & often ends happily. Comedy
Main character in the play; the good guy Protagonist
Character who works against the protagonist; the bad guy Antagonist
The main idea of the play; the lesson one can learn from the play Theme
One of the main divisions of a play Act
A division or part of the act in a play which establishes a different time or place Scene
Conversation between characters Dialogue
Long speech spoken by a single character to him/herself or to the audience Monologue
A monologue where the character speaks his/her private thoughts aloud and appears to be unaware of the audience. Soliloquy
Short speech or comment from a character to the audience but is beyond the hearing of other characters who are present Aside
Play written to arouse intense emotion by exaggeration & fast-moving action Melodrama
A minor character whose traits contrast sharply with those of the main character Foil
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