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apt 적당한 appropriate, proper, suitable
astonish 놀라게 하다 surprise, astound, shock, startle
chronically 만성적으로 constantly, persistently, continuously, habitually
daub 흠뻑 칠하다 coat, cover, plaster, slather
domain 지역, 영토 region, area, territory
domain 분야, 영역 area, field, sphere, realm
enthusiastic 열성적인 eager, ardent, zealous, passionate
extend (어떤 거리까지) 걸쳐 있다 stretch, reach, range
extend 확장하다, 늘리다 expand, enlarge, increase, prolong, lengthen
feat 업적 achievement, accomplishment, exploit
fulfill 성취하다 accomplish, achieve, execute
fulfill 만족시키다 satisfy, meet
give over to 헌신하다, 바치다 dedicate, devote, commit
heavy 무거운 ; 고된 ponderous, weighty ; burdensome
hibernation 동면 sleep, dormancy
illusion 착각, 오해 false impression
intrigue (주위, 관심을) 끌다 attract, fascinate, interest
intrigue 음모를 꾸미다 plot, conspire
luxuriant 무성한, 풍부한 abundant, exuberant, opulent
magnitude 정도 ; 크기 extent, measure, degree ; volume, size, amplitude
maintain 주장하다 affirm, contend, claim
maintain 지속하다 sustain, preserve, continue, keep
monitor 조사하다 check, examine, inspect
outbreak (전염병 등의) 만연, 창궐 epidemic
outbreak 폭발 eruption, explosion, burst
periodically 주기적으로 at intervals, regularly
release 해방시키다 free, liberate, loose
release 뿜다, 방출하다 emit, give off, discharge, exude
release (묶인 것을) 풀다 loosen, untie, unfasten
rendering 연주, 공연 preformance, presentation, rendition
renowned 유명한 famous, celebrated, eminent, prominent
reproduce 복제하다 copy, duplicate, imitate
reproduce 번식하다 breed, multiply, spawn
rugged 울퉁불퉁한 uneven, rough, bumpy
self-sufficient 자급자족하는, 제 힘으로 살아가는 independent
speculative 이론적인 theoretical, academic
speculative 사색적인 thoughtful, reflective, meditative
stimulate 자극하다, 격려하다 prompt, activate, spur, inspire
subordinate 종속적인 inferior, subject, dependent, secondary
torrential 격렬한 wild, violent
apt ~하는 경향이 있는 inclined, prone, disposed
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