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XSkills Test

Test date: November 4, 2011

In "The Explosion," Homer's WORDS and ACTIONS show that he is good at talking his way out of___________. Trouble
The detail from "The Explosion" that supports the idea that Mrs. Hickam is more worried than usual about Homer's future is that she puts her arm around him and starts to ______. Cry
Homer's father believes that Homer will end up working at the _____. Mine
Homer's mother thinks that her son is very_____. Bright
We can infer that Mr. Hickam ___________________________________ from his behavior in the story. Takes his job at the mine very seriously
Mrs. Hickam wants Homer to leave Coalwood because she knows that he has no real ______ there. Future
In "Call Me Maria," whend does Maria feel that the barrio is her home? When her mother visits in April
The way Maria's mother reacts to the women on the sidewalk shows that she does not really _______ what they think. Care
When Maria realizes that her mother will not be staying, she is torn between staying in New York or ________. Returning to Puerto Rico
Maria becomes silent after Mami criticizes Papi because she does not want to________________. Get between them
When Maria shows Mami her room and her poems, she is really showing how much this place has become her ______. Home
In "The Road Not Taken," the speaker is "sorry" because he cannot take ______ _____. Both roads.
"The Road Not Taken" centers on what kind of conflict? Person against himself or herself
The poem says, "I shall be telling this with a sigh/Somewhere ages and ages hence." Thes lines suggest that the speaker may wish someday that he had taken ____ _______ _____. The other road
Based on "The Explosion" and "Call Me Maria," how are Homer and Maria similar? Both must make important decisions in their lives
Three things that Maria will probably miss about Puerto Rico are, her mother, the natural beauty of Puerto Rico, and _____. Warmth
Why might staying in New York be a good choice for Maria? She will get a better education and have more career choices.
The three men in "We Beat The Street" wrote their book to mostly give other young people positive ____________. Role models
We know that younger Rameck was_________, because he was able to do math problems in his head. smart
Overcoming obstacles like poverty and violence was the main challenge for the boys in the story "______________________." "We Beat The Street"
By making a pact with his friends, Sampson Davis showed that he was _______. Loyal
George Jenkins was impressed that the program at Seton Hall was mostly _____. Free
Based on "Start Your Own Business," you can tell that a successful entrepeneur most needs this quality: Self-confidence
Two PERSONAL QUALITIES that made Jasmine Lawrence different from many other people are creativity and _______. Determination
The quote, " If your business isn't making money, figure out why and keep trying-sometimes success takes time," best supports the idea that successful entrepeneurs learn from their ________. Mistakes
True or False:A good business plan should include ways to market the service or the goods being sold. True
True or False: We can infer that Ian Youvan in "Start Your Own Business" probably likes skateboarding. True
According to Dr. King in "What's Your Life's Blueprint?" what should be the first thing in your life's blueprint? Belief in your own worth
Dr. King urges yound people that no matter that they want to do or or, they should _________________. Do the job well
True or False: Dr. King says that all young people must work for equal pay. False: freedom and justice
How did the three doctors in "We Beat The Street" act like the successful entrepeneurts in "Start Your Own Business?" Worked hard to reach goals, used time wisely, and asked for help
What are two pieces of advice from "Start Your Own Business?" Decide what to sell and work hard
What are two pieces of advice from Dr. King? Make a blueprint and study hard
Created by: sthebeau