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Respitory System.

alveol/o alveolus
aspir/o, aspirat/o inhaling, removal
blenn/o mucus
brachy- short
bronch/o bronchus
bronchiol/o bronchiole
-capnia, capn/o carbon dioxide
coni/o dust
epiglott/o epiglottis
lal/o, -lalia speech, babble
lampr/o clear
larying/o larynx
lept/o slender, thin, delicate
lob/o lobe
mediastic/o mediastinum
mogi- difficult
nas/o nose
osm/o, -osmia sense of smell, odor, impulse
osphresi/o, -osphresia sense of smell, odor
ox/o, -oxia oxygen
-pagus conjoined twins
pector/o chest
phas/o, -phasia speech
phon/o, -phonia voice, sound
phren/o mind, diaphragm
pimel/o fat, fatty
pleur/o pleura
-pnea breathe
pneum/o lung, air
pneumon/o lung, air
-ptosis prolapse, drooping
-ptysis spitting
pulmon/o lung
respir/o, respirat/o breathe, breathing
rhin/o nose
sept/o partition
silic/o silica, quartz
sinus/o cavity, sinus
span/o scanty, scarce
spir/o breathe
steth/o chest
therm/o heat
thorac/o chest
trache/o trachea
traumat/o trauma, injury, wound
xen/o strange, foreign
Created by: lauraa4132