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A&P 2 lecture


what is the path of food thru the alimentry canal oral cavity, phrynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine large intestine
accessory organs salivary glands, liver, gall bladder, pancreas
functions of the digestive system ingestion-eating mechanical proccess - chewing digestion-chemical processing secretion - liquid substances released during digestion absorption-materials move into blood stream excretion-removal of wastes
mesintary double membrane with blood vessell
mucosa inner lining of mucous membrane - has muscularis mucosa
submucosa dense irregular connective tissue with large blood and lymph vessels
muscularis externa: smooth muscle inner- circular outer - longitudinal
serosa serous membrane in peritoneal cavity in stomach and intestines
peristalsis waves of muscular contraction that move bolus thru digestive tract
neural mechannisms contraolled by paraympathetic nervous system
hormanl mechanisms several hormones involved in digestion
how many pairs of salivary glands 3
tongue has voluntary muscles and helps detect taste, temp and texture. has a frenulum to connect to the floor of mouth
amylase initiates break down of carbs in mouth
lingual lipase states breakdown of lipids
teeth mastication, has bulk dentin, pulp cavity with blood vessels and verves, root covered by cementum and crown of enamel
types of teeth incisors, cuspids or canins, bicuspids, molars
esophagus hollow muscular tube that goes from oral cavity and connects to stomach
stomach is the temp storage of food, and mechanical break down of acids, proteins and enzymes
gastric glands have parietal cels to lower PH and secrete HCI
Chief cells secrete pepsinogen which is converted to pepsin to digest protein
stomach layers cardiac fundis body pyloris
Small intestine regions duodenum jejunum ileum
cholecystokinin (CCK) sends signals to gall bladder to let out bile
pancrease produces pancreatic enzymes, pancreatic amylase, pancreatic lipase, nucleases
3 phases cephalic, gastric, intestinal
functions of the large intestine reabsorption of water and bile salts and compaction
cecum first part of large intestine has appendix
serious membrane reduce friction
3 main liver functions metablolic hematological production of bile
glycolysis glucose is broken down to pyruvic acid in cytoplasm, produces 2 atp molecules
urea is formed in our liver
deanimation happens in our liver
gluconeogenesis forming new glucose
positive nitrogen nitrogen absorbed
collagen is in our muscells, bones
pyrexia fire, heat, fever
radiation heat lost
vitamin k for blood clotting
vitamin e stabilizes intracellular membranes
vitamin a for sight and night vision
vitamin b12 helps with muscles
vitamin c production of collagen
metabolic rate sum of all anabolic and catabolic reactions
calorie amount of energy needed to raise one gram
vitamins divided into fat-soluble and water-soluble groups
Created by: Jessi78