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Southmoore-Green Book Unit 1I

civis civis citizen M/F
gens gentis race, clan, nation F
mons montis mountain M
periculum periculi danger N
studium studii eagerness, zeal N
adduco, adducere adduxi, adductus to lead to, influence
confirmo, are confirmavi, atus to confirm, encourage, establish
procedo, procedere processi, processurus to go before, go forward
spero, sperare speravi, speratus to hope for
intercludo, intercludere interclusi, interclusus to cut off
noceo, nocere nocui, noctiturus to do harm to
praeficio, praeficere praefeci, praefectus to put in charge of
praemitto, praemittere praemissi, praemissus to send before,send ahead
praesum, praesse praefui, praefuturus to be in charge of
reddo, reddere reddidi,redditus to give back, restore
supersum, superesse superfui, superfuturus to survive, be left over
autem X however
postquam X after
apud X among
circum X around
prae X before
super X above
memoria tenere X to hold in mind (remember)
gratias habere X to have thanks (be thankful)
gratias agere X to lead thanks (give thanks)
bona fide X in good faith
E pluribus unum X from many, one
Esse quam videri X to be rather than to seem
Labor omnia vincit X labor conquers all things
ipso facto X by the deed itself
quid pro quo X what on behalf of which thing
primus inter pares X first among equals
A.D. X anno domini
me iudice X with me as judge
arma armorum arms N.
Created by: southmoore