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Leonardo's Horse

Scott Foresman 5th Grade Reading

The ARCHITECT was a talented woman. What does the word architect mean? Building designer
She FASHIONED a hat for herself. What does the word FASHIONED mean? made
The toy was made from BRONZE. What does the word BRONZE mean? molten metal
There is a fountain in the MIDST of the garden. What does the word MIDST mean? center
Her RIVAL did not play fair. What does the word RIVAL mean? one who competes against another.
The man was DEPRESSED? What does the word DEPRESSED mean? sad
The girl ACHIEVED many things. What does the word ACIEVED mean? accomplished
A sentence from the selection says, "The age was called the Renaissance, a time of rebirth when people who had forgotten how to be curious became curious again." Which is an example of this thinking? Leonardo studied birs in flight.
Which is a statment of opinion? "But Leonardo seemed to be in no hurry to start casting."
What was Leonard's first step when he started working on the horse sculpture? He studied horses.
What role did Leonardo's notebook MOST LIKELY play in his dream becoming a reality It gave Nina Akamu some information on which to base her work.
Why did Leonardo collect so much metal? he needed it to make a huge statue for the duke.
Why was the metal Leonardo collected made into a cannon? The duke needed to prepare for an invasion by the French
The title of the selection is LEONARDO'S HORSE. What would be another good name for the selection? "Leonardo da Vinci's Unfinished Work
Based on the selection, which of the following is a valid generalization about the Renaissance? Creative people were allowed to pursue their interests.
What is the selection mostly about? Leonardo's work on a horse sculpture for the duke of Milan.
What was the MOST LIKELY reason the author wrote this selection? to tell the reader about Leonardo's life.
How were Charles Dent and Nina Akamu alike? They both were inspired to complete the work of Leonardo da Vinci.
The author concludes the selection by telling of efforts in the twentieth century to complete Leonardo's horse. Why do you think the author ends the selection this way? It tells the story of the completion of Leonardo's horse over a long period of time.
Why did huge crowds go to see the completed statue? People were amazed by Leonardo's accomplishments and the story of the unfinished horse.
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