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Safety Test GriffinG


Always carry sharp objects with the sharp edge facing ______. Down.
What does the safety color red stand for? Fire.
Always cut ______ from yourself. Away.
Put in the ________ sized glue sticks. Correct.
What is a good place to put the yuck face? Near the phone and on hazardous materials.
Wash your hands after handling anything _______. Poisonous.
What should you do after handling HAZMATS? Wash your hands.
Wash your hands for __ seconds. 20.
If there is a fire what should you do first? Get everyone out.
What does the P stand for in the PASS proceudre? Pull out the pin.
What does A stand for in the PASS procedure? Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire.
What does the first S stand for in the PASS procedure? Squeeze the handle; you only have approximately 30 seconds of spray.
What does the second S stand for in the PASS procedure? Sweep back and forth as you spray.
What does the safety color orange mean? Dangerous.
What does the safety color yellow mean? Caution or Slow Down.
What does the safety color blue mean? Don't move or its being repaired.
What does the safety color purple mean? Radiation Concerns.
What does a white and/or black safety color mean? Traffic flow.
When you spill something when should you clean it? As soon as possible.
What shouldw you use to clear scraps and saw dust off tables and equipment. A brush or rag.
Keep drawers and cabinets ______. Closed.
What cord is safe to tape down? Ethernet cords.
Never tape down electrical cords as this can cause them to heat up and catch _________. Fire.
When lifting use your ________, not your ________. Legs, back.
What should you do with long hair and loose clothing? Tie it back.
Return tools to where they _______. Belong.
What should you do if a tool has become dull or isnt working right? Tell the teacher ASAP.
Where is it safe to use spray paint or stain? A well ventilated area.
What should always be worn no matter what in the production lab? Eye Protection.
_______ should be removed before starting your work. Jewelry.
The only type of approved foot wear is ________. Closed toe shoes.
When should you where ear protection? Around noisy equipment.
What should be worn in a dusty environment? Dust Masks.
Always hold tools by their __________. Handle.
What should you do with vices when they arent in use? Close them.
How should you keep your work area? Clear and organized
Never make an adjustment while the machine is still _______. Running.
What speed should you work at? A SAFE speed.
What does OSHA stand for? Occupationaly Safety and Health Administration.
What does ANSI stand for? American National Standards Institute.
What does MSDS stand for? Material Data Safety Sheet.
What does NFPA stand for? National Fire Protection Association.
What is NFPA red? Fire Hazard
What is NFPA Blue? Health Hazard
What is NFPA Yellow? Reactivity Hazard.
What is the 100% rule? If you dont get a 90 not a 100. That means its okay to lose 1 finger or 95 is half a finger.
Created by: g0302305