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CO2 >100 years GH
Methane 12 years GH
N2O (nitrous oxide) 114 years GH natural emissions by bacteria in soil and oceans agriculture-fertilizer
NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) 1-2 months CP
lead several weeks CP leaded gasoline (banned), small industry emissions still remain
NOx 1-2 months combustion sources
O3 weeks to months GH secondary pollutant from photochemical reactions w/ NOx and VOCs good in strat(naturally forms by Chapman Cycle); bad in trop
CO CP combustion sources & biomass burning
PM CP small/medium-combustion and gas-phase photochemical reactions large-industrial grinding highest in Cairo secondary pollutant
SO2 few days CP coal combustion and power generating plants, refining and burning of petroleum highest in Chongqing, China
FF combustion= VOCs, NOx, PM, CO, SO2, lead, benzene
Polar vortex dark for months during winter->air cools quickly and vortex forms->air isolated & cold polar strat clouds-form composed of nitric acid and water; releases chlorine gas->massive ozone destruction
thermohaline circulation hot/cold ocean currents that could stop immediately
Created by: jleigh